10 Ridiculous Ways A Fashionista Would End The Debt Crisis

10 Ridiculous Ways A Fashionista Would End The Debt Crisis

In a world so hell bent on looking good the fashion industry serves as the foundation of everyday life. Many are cautious of how they present their overall appearance to the rest of the population while others are a little less focused with their mass appeal. During the struggle to end or at least slow down the debt crisis that was sure to send the United States of America to the roots of hell- I realized an alternative solution that would highlight trendsetters and increase funding so that we can all live just a little bit better as a fashionably and economically aware society. Now many of my ideas are a little ridiculous but you must see the overall curb appeal more so than the political aspirations vs. popularity.

10. Women know that they love a good looking weave. Beyonce serves as the Queen of "make believe" and is featured constantly for her must have mane looks. From hair color commercials to videos showcasing long and lust prone locs kissed by the sun featuring a tantalizing blond that even this sister would love to flaunt- Beyonce's weave is heaven sent. A woman of mystique and business she is but if she were willing to sell her own line of luxury lace wigs that will donate at least 50 percent to balancing the budget, I am sure we can do more than save the U.S. but the world. The hair industry within the African American community can stabilize a few countries because many woman can go without quality food and clothing and sometimes shelter but never will they sacrifice a head draped in an extravagant style. Some chicks are un-be-weavable!

9. Rhianna serves as a captivating titan within the fashion world. Her new found love for punishment and sexy torture make her a bad girl to be dealt with yet her style has revolutionized young Hollywood. With a flair all her own and the power to command the attention of all -she should receive tax immunity for life for serving as the director of the fashion police. Yes, we have heard it before but if this fashionista actually distributed fines to those not working with the Lord in their daily life clothing choices, I think we could see a large amount of money rolling in along with publicity. Even I wouldn't mind her putting me in handcuffs!

8.  Justin Bieber was the most recent star to create a hair craze that united people around the globe with one thing in common- the Bieber do! It is funny how some celebrities can create a mane movement that allows people to showcase their interests immediately with such a simple thing as hair. Lil Wayne reincarnated the natural "dread-loc" look while Justin Beieber made his last name a stand alone noun. I believe that Bieber should be granted tax immunity for life for promoting the "celebrity style tax." For all those loyal fans that desire to be a look alike, I hope you're ready to truly pay the price!

7. The things I would do in order to get my hands on that iconic Marilyn Monroe white dress that she wears so elegantly over a steam hole. I really hope that that didn't hurt afterwards but such items as that , J Lo's "how low can you go green dress" along with Lil Kim's " mighty one boob wonder onesie" should be auctioned off in order to raise money to fix the debt crisis. If more celebrities and public figures were willing to donate their most fashion worthy items I am sure we can get the ball rolling on more funds and hey we can even call it recycling just for fun!

6. With Female empowerment on the rise via Beyonce's "Who Run The World- Girls" anthem a gender empowering "Granny Pantie Bon Fire" is just what we need for new age unity among the ladies. For all of those rebels not afraid to live their life outside of the bloomers- this fashion attack on pantiliners should be hosted by none other than commando queens Katty Perry and Pink. Think of how we can save the world from high rises and help Hanes Her Way stock by buying all of the devilish crotch chokers and making them meet flames! Let's see who pulls out the last draw!

5. As much as I love a man with a great backside I am not a fan of seeing it all day and night. I long for the day when sagging your pants is known as a fashion no-no. That day sounds so righteous and angelic. I can not imagine the joy I would feel to go a day not seeing a man's rear involuntarily! So Soulja Boy should be the first one finned a ridiculous fee for "overexposing rear-ocricy."

4. In regards to how much women love weaves there is a devastating fact that I forgot to mention- Many women are not able to afford and or obtain quality weaves. With this in mind I find it necessary for the betterment of society that we cut down on the foolery and fine stylist along with clients that refuse to take heed to the "your hair must not LOOK like a Bad weave clause," that may result in a drastically high fee. If you spend less than 20 dollars on a bundle of weave you can expect to aid in galvanizing funds to assist the country in its economical instability.

3. Over the last year Lady Gaga has single handedly redefined pop culture by rebirthing Madonnas legacy with Grace Jones shocking fashion expertise and a hint of Britney Spears' curiosity. That alone makes her one of the best selling beauty queens in the world so she should be granted tax immunity for life as long as she agrees to host a year long fundraising act in Vegas featuring a diverse fashion show highlighting the worlds most extravagant drag queens. To some this may be creepy but to me honey Ill be there once a week with a pen and pad taking notes because some of those men redefine fierce-osity!

2. Bloggers everywhere love to see their favorite celebrities in a certain shoe. Women all over save their income taxes, steal from their men and even do illegal things just to be among the small elite group of consumers that own the Loubuitton. The red bottom shoes are now a staple within fashion that automatically symbolize fortune and class. If we offered a 30 % "save the US from financial failure" tax to all of those lucky enough to afford such a purchase we can be sure to assist in making a better name for our country .

1. I don't know if you know this but the black community is proud of President Obama. No matter where you go within urban communities you are sure to see an Obama watch, car, bed spread, hair grease and even earrings. With the Obama craze being the new age Black Power movement I firmly believe that the release of the rumored Barack Obama 3 dollar bill would be the missing piece to the financial crisis we have heard of all week. The Obama name has been monetized in a way that analysts can NOT believe and with the home made materials- projected figures will never be accurate. If the nation went on and designed and released this bill I am sure that we will have enough money to keep us safe and then some. How about that for some CHANGE!

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