Thank you, Captain Obvious

Thank you, Captain Obvious

I confess that I am a total geek about entrepreneurship, growing businesses, and that sort of thing. Even in my downtime I find myself reading blogs and watching videos about subjects that I spend a lot of my time working with clients around. You would think I might want a break after hours - but often nothing will make me laugh so hard as watching videos about how starting your own business isn't easy and isn't sexy. Maybe the subject just hits home for me as I am growing my own business.

And I also have developed a special love for info about tech startups and funding, although not particularly relevant for my own business. I started wondering why that was and then I had a moment of clarity - I have worked for a tech startup. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!) It was a long time ago but some day I will write a post about me and two guys named Marc and how our little company got bought by Reuters.

I wanted to share my favorite pick-me-ups in case you could 1) Learn something that will help your business or 2) Have a good laugh.

  • Watch Penelope Trunk on a total rant about how nobody could have a life while launching a tech startup here.
  • Watch a hilarious Xtranormal video about a guy trying to get VC funding for his new Twitter variation called "Twatter" here.
  • Watch 5 minutes about how launching a business isn’t sexy, it’s excruciatingly boring here. (Mark my words that the term "wantrepreneur" is going to start making the rounds. Gary Vaynerchuk talks to Eric Ries about his new book, The Lean Startup.)


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