Scholarship Momma has the Playbook for College Bound Scholars

Scholarship Momma has the Playbook for College Bound Scholars

Getting prepared to attend college typically isn't an easy feat. Especially not when it comes to finding the right scholarships and qualifying for grants that could make the financial college experience much easier to manage. 

I recall entering DePaul University in 2002 as a Freshman. Being excited and misinformed about so much; especially grants and scholarships. Although I received a few scholarships, it wasn't enough to successfully get me through 4 years at a private Vincentian University in Chicago. I graduated with debt that could have been avoided.  I wish I knew Theresa Harris, the "Scholarship M0mma."

Who is Theresa Harris?

Theresa Harris - Founder of Scholarship Momma

Theresa was born in Chicago and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. When she returned to Chicago, Theresa attended school part-time to focus on raising her children. As her children got older, she began to work full time while still attending school part-time until she was laid off from her job. Not to be deterred, she transitioned to going to school full time and graduated in 2001 with her Bachelor’s degree in Business. 

Theresa Harris is the secret weapon to many familes and organizations who have college bound scholars. She is a woman to call to source all financial aid information required to get into college. Everyone isn't so fortunate to be provided with the necessary information required to succeed during the college application process, but fortunately times have changed. With those changes, things can get still become quite confusing. That's where Scholarship Momma comes to the rescue!

Theresa Harris helps familes save thousands of dollars for college! She does this by focusing on helping the youth of America develop a game plan to complete their college career with less debt. Being someone who has successfully raised 3 children who are now college degree holders, she definitely has some insight on what it takes to "get to the money" when it comes to entering and exiting college with little to no debt!

Theresa earned over $32,000 in scholarships towards the completion of her Master’s degree in Higher Education, which she was awarded in 2013. When she began her career as a College Financial Aid Advisor, she never considered another career path. Theresa found the Financial Aid industry to be fascinating. She truly enjoyed educating families about smart ways to plan for college. In her 15+ year career, Theresa has earned numerous awards and designations including Employee of the Year and the Dean’s List for the Financial Aid Department. She is also a member of several professional organizations. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Illinois Association of Admissions and Counseling are two organizations on that list.


This upcoming weekend, Theresa's business, Scholarship Momma is thrilled to present “A Scholar’s Playbook”  Virtual Summit.
Attendees can prepare themselves for 10 (ten) powerful presenters who are subject matter experts in their respective fields.

The goal of this virtual summit is to equip and empower parents, students and, families with tools and resources to thrive in their secondary and post-secondary education. COVID-19 has presented worldwide challenges. This summit will ensure that parents, students, and families  take away some actionable steps to keep pushing through this pandemic to reach their goals. “A Scholar’s Playbook” will be hosted on Saturday, August 8th from 10:00 am-1:30 pm (CST).

Each session is 15 minutes with a four-minute Q&A.
Students and Families are welcome to stay for the entire summit or log in to each session that is of interest to them.

Event Details

When: Agust 8th, 2020

Time: 1000am - 1:30PM (CST)

Where: From the comforts of your home

Register Here:

I remember going to college with limited resources and guidance.
It would be a dream to go back in time and be equipped with the tools and resources that Theresa provides for youth and families.
To have the desire to go to college virtually debt free is a dream for any American these days.

Here are some of the bases Theresa covers as a Scholarship Strategist:


By providing detailed research for scholarships that closely matches major, academic achievements and/or skill set.


By providing resources and relevant information about financial literacy, finding money for college,
FAFSA Preview and how to complete the FAFSA.


By empowering our future generation with strategies and tips on how to find scholarships to fund higher education.


As a Financial Aid Expert, Theresa provides strategies for Award letter review, FAFSA questions/issues, and assist with completing the FAFSA.

To learn more about Scholarship Momma, please check out:


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