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So where you been? Campaign time means the start of the onslaught

It’s August, right? Finally. Recently people have asked me if I was still blogging about things in Big Animal Grove. But of course. Sometimes, however, things get chaotic and not everything gets done.  Like a blog. For the past six weeks I have been traveling around the country for either vacation or journalism workshops (mostly... Read more »

A different kind of newsroom on election night

For the past 35-plus years I have spent election nights in a variety of places as a reporter, supporter or observer. I have spent them in county buildings, at victory parties, and at loser headquarters.  I have spent election nights covering local, regional, state wide and congressional races. However, on Tuesday night, I was in... Read more »

Candidates need to support the war

As the eyes of the nation begin to focus on tomorrow night’s debate between President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney, one thing is sure, millions of Americans will be focused on where the two candidates stand on various issues. The economy. Foreign policy. The national debt. And the war. Granted, the war has... Read more »