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And you thought Chicago political campaigns were whacked out...

I’m not a fan of campaign signs. I know they’re essential to campaigns because how else will people get to know the candidates? There’s so much information on a campaign sign that there’s no need to research a candidate or slate. You can find out that some is experienced, dedicated and that the candidate cares.... Read more »

When the campaign gets ugly.....

It has been said that politics can lead to some strange bedfellows. Toss in social media and you end up with bed sores. Make it local politics and it defies logic. As is the case during a recent campaign swing by a supporter for Buffalo Grove village board candidate Dave Weidenfeld who allegedly told a... Read more »

Suburban fight for retail not an easy one

It’s just one store, but it’s likely a welcome addition to Buffalo Grove’s retail landscape. Marshalls, a national retailer of, according to its website, “fashionable, brand name family apparel, home fashions and other merchandise,” is planning to open in late Spring or early summer of 2015. The 27,100 square foot store, located in Woodland Commons... Read more »

All the news that fits, they print -- as long as they make money

I stopped in the store the other day for some simple shopping.  Beer, peanuts and some Beef Jerky.  Maybe not the finest in culinary selections, but it was an easy trip to the store. Customer in, customer out. It’s a great model.  For groceries, shoes, luggage and generally most consumer goods and some services. But... Read more »

From a scenic ride in the country to sex-toy-toting officials

Set the way-back machine, Sherman. A long time ago – somewhere around 30 years ago – I was covering the growing communities in the northwest suburbs – Wheeling and Buffalo Grove to be exact.  Wheeling was seemingly more established than its neighbor to its north, but was still dealing with growing pains, a new population... Read more »