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Grandpa, these Cubs are for real

I barely knew my grandfather. Grandpa Ben passed away shortly after I turned nine.  Yes, a long time ago. His legacy, however, despite being a wonderfully warm man, is accentuated by the respect he had from people who knew him. I do, for whatever reason, remember my dad calling him “senator”, ala the way folks... Read more »

Student mentality no way to run the Bulls

I subscribe to several listservs, so when I was reading about an apparent dispute, I thought it was a teacher discussing how one student said this, another student said that, and how students don’t work together, etc. But wait; I wasn’t reading a listserv.  I was reading reports in the sports pages and on sports... Read more »

It will always be a great day for baseball -- thanks to Ernie

Long before Ernie Banks, there was Major League baseball. Long before Ernie Banks, there was Wrigley Field. Long before Ernie Banks, Chicagoans loved baseball. It just wasn’t the same. By now, we all know that changed in 1953 when the dark star began to shine on the white skies over the “Friendly Confines” And while... Read more »

Cubs plans strike at the heart of Americana...

The news that the Cubs are moving the Peoria Chiefs to Kane County is disturbing. Not because Peoria deserves the Cubs, or because one Cubs minor league team in Chicago is enough, it’s because Kane County just isn’t the place for single-A baseball. Minor league baseball needs to be played in minor league cities where... Read more »

It goes beyond the North Side..

Let me start by making one thing clear – I’m a Cubs fan. Period. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I’m more than a little partial to the North Siders.  Don’t ask why, but I think it has something to do with my mother dropping me when I was a baby.  Even... Read more »

Holy Cow -- Rival groups to clash during G-8 Summit

The visit by President Obama this week raised new concerns about security and disruptions that will coincide with the upcoming G-8 summit and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  scheduled for May 19 – 21 right here in Chicago. Security is a concern because of the number of world leaders converging here and the possibility that... Read more »