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Laws, taxes and ads -- Are they really making a difference?

The last person to constantly lay heavy guilt on me was my mother. That seems, however, to be inherent to Jewish mothers. However, it should not be the role of politicians such as Michael Bloomberg and Toni Preckwinkle. Preckwinkle is the face and the voice behind the recently instituted tax on just about any beverage... Read more »

UPDATE: AARP sets the record straight

What looked like an apparent glitch in its email protocol, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) says it was not.  Although it looked like it. An AARP spokesman released a statement late Monday, which said: This is to confirm that the emails that AARP members received on April 25/26 (see image below) requesting that... Read more »

A timely quote from an unlikely source...

I’m terrible at remembering things like quotes, inspirational sayings and other stuff that sounds like a Hallmark card. Who was that who said what? When? Why? Let me go look it up.  That works. I often resort to cutting and pasting quotes or saving a litany of small pieces of paper with the quotes or... Read more »

Grandpa, these Cubs are for real

I barely knew my grandfather. Grandpa Ben passed away shortly after I turned nine.  Yes, a long time ago. His legacy, however, despite being a wonderfully warm man, is accentuated by the respect he had from people who knew him. I do, for whatever reason, remember my dad calling him “senator”, ala the way folks... Read more »

Student mentality no way to run the Bulls

I subscribe to several listservs, so when I was reading about an apparent dispute, I thought it was a teacher discussing how one student said this, another student said that, and how students don’t work together, etc. But wait; I wasn’t reading a listserv.  I was reading reports in the sports pages and on sports... Read more »

And you thought Chicago political campaigns were whacked out...

I’m not a fan of campaign signs. I know they’re essential to campaigns because how else will people get to know the candidates? There’s so much information on a campaign sign that there’s no need to research a candidate or slate. You can find out that some is experienced, dedicated and that the candidate cares.... Read more »

When the campaign gets ugly.....

It has been said that politics can lead to some strange bedfellows. Toss in social media and you end up with bed sores. Make it local politics and it defies logic. As is the case during a recent campaign swing by a supporter for Buffalo Grove village board candidate Dave Weidenfeld who allegedly told a... Read more »

It will always be a great day for baseball -- thanks to Ernie

Long before Ernie Banks, there was Major League baseball. Long before Ernie Banks, there was Wrigley Field. Long before Ernie Banks, Chicagoans loved baseball. It just wasn’t the same. By now, we all know that changed in 1953 when the dark star began to shine on the white skies over the “Friendly Confines” And while... Read more »

How do you spell tacky? How about T-o-p-i-n-k-a

As a rule, I don’t blog about state or national elections. And as a rule, I don’t carry a grudge. But there’s always an exception. It used to be the race for Illinois Treasurer, but when Judy Barr Topinka decided to be the state’s comptroller, that became the exception. As I said, I don’t carry... Read more »

You want THE TRUTH? As a matter of fact, I do

Last Tuesday was National News Engagement Day, a day dedicated to promoting newspaper readership by Americans, especially young people who seem to be oblivious to the need to be informed. In fact, according to a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center found that 29% of those younger than 25 say they got no news... Read more »