Random thoughts from the summer on the road

Amazing how time flies.

After almost two months of traveling for a variety of reasons, I have the following observations and thoughts.

  • Donald Trump.  Aside from caustic remarks, just what is your campaign platform?
  • As I stroll around Chicago and notice all of the Divvy stations, I find it ironic that a corporate sponsor is Blue Cross / Blue Shield.  You’d think they’d at least advocate for the use of bike helmets.  Unless of course they’re lobbing for head injuries so they can raise rates.
  • Is it just me or do the TV spots for Dodge cars not want make you want to be bullied into buying one?
  • Note to Buick:  Time for a new spot.  Millennials trying to figure out if it’s a Buick has run its course.
  • Note to Progressive Insurance:  Time to retire Flo.
  • Note to Toyota:  Jan’s run her course.  She’s gotten obnoxious.
  • Maybe Metra can explain why, on inbound trains, they give you instructions on how to handle emergencies as you enter Union Station or the Olgilvie Center.
  • So ponder this – the name “Redskins” for sports teams is deemed offensive. I get it.  So why, prey tell, does everyone think the “tomahawk chop” they do in Atlanta is so damn cute? It portrays native Americans as violent war mongers.  But wait – a couple of factors come into play here. But wait -- it’s Georgia.  At least the Cleveland Indians’ “Chief Yahoo” looks like a nice guy.
  • Note to parents – The halls of a hotel are not an exercise area for your kid who you let ingest vast amount if candy to keep him / her quiet in the car or room.
  • Complimentary breakfasts provided by hotels are just what they are meant to be -– breakfast.  They are not food banks meant to provide you with enough food for the trip to the beach or grandma’s house.
  • Conversely, a toaster, waffle or pancake maker is meant to be for food preparation.  Parents who think they need to bring their five kids over to watch need to look to the left and right and realize not everyone is fascinated by these mechanical wonders.  Some people just want to have breakfast.
  • I bet these are the same parents who let their kids use the self-checkout lines at a store as a source of entertainment.
  • The most dangerous place to drive is a WalMart parking lot.

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