Happy times for the Postal Service

My fellow Americans – The Postal Service has been saved.

This is not change you can believe in, nor is it the result of an economic stimulus.

It’s the result of the campaign in the newly revamped 10th Congressional District.

So the next time you put a stamp on a letter, card or bill payment, you can thank Brad Schneider. He’s one of four candidates seeking to unseat first-term incumbent Robert Dold.  The others, who are far from household words, are Vivek Bavda, Ilya Sheyman and John Tree.

What sets Schneider apart from the pack has little to do with his positions on the issues.  What sets him apart is the volume of mail he is sending to voters.  Seldom does a week, if not more often, go by when there’s not some kind of mail from Schneider.

So you think he would communicate his positions on key issues with his potential constituents.  He’s not.  The usual Schneider-in-your-mailbox gem features the usual head shot and a listing of the issues and how he is concerned about them.  Great.

What’s lacking however, is any degree of substance as to how he plans to fight problems facing health care, unemployment, the rising tide, education etc.

We do, however, find out who has endorsed him.  I am thrilled that he is endorsed by the mayor of Des Plaines and the Hon. Julie Hamos – whoever she is.

To add to his assault, Schneider has employed telemarketing techniques, which are equally as informative.  When I asked the phone caller if his district went into Arlington Heights, he told me it included the state line.  Thanks.

The 10th District ain’t been the same since Abner Mikva squared off against John Porter.  After that Mark Kirk traversed the district.

Schneider’s assault on the Postal Service has, so it seems, led to increased mail by other candidates, including Dold.

Unfortunately, despite the quantity, there is no quality.  Next month voters will select the best candidate from their favorite party to face Dold in November.  Recalling a candidate because of the volume of his or her campaign mailings will not aid voters in selecting someone to best represent them in Congress.

What will help is substance – as in quality more than quantity.


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  • I thought that this was about how the Postal Service has become technologically obsolete, like the manufacturers of of manual typewriters, slide rules, and film cameras.

    However, the last I heard, I am still in the 10th District, but have not received any of this. Maybe I am lucky, or maybe these fools don't know the boundaries. In any event, I'm sure that they thought they were going to get a free ride to Congress, but apparently not. The Republicans have learned the old Dan Seals trick that you don't have to live in the district, just the state.

  • May be a mixture of both. The 10th has new boundaries, which Schneider's folks don't seem to know where they are.

    Interestingly enough -- guess what arrived in the mail today? Another Schneider mailer.

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