Just play the game....

Just play the game....

The Bears-Broncos game on Sunday confirmed to me -- 1.) I will never understand the Bears organization and 2.) An  addition to my "News Stories I'm Getting Tired Of" list is Tim Tebow and his over-the-top display of spiritualism.

Tebow's success is more than likely a combination of ability, good coaching, good receivers, luck -- and playing the Bears.  Does his constant invoking of prayer make him a better football player, or simply a better person, than any of the  60,000 fans who watch him every Sunday?


It's good to know that professional athletes see fit to have a close connection to G-d, but their, or anyone's for that matter, strong belief in any religion needs to displayed not only in the public eye, but in everything they do.  We seemed to be touched by a professional athlete who practices his faith in the arena of professional sports, but yet how many people show anger, if not hate, toward a practicing Muslim who wears a hijab or an Orthodox Jew who wears a black hat, or yarmulke?

Same practice, different stage -- but same message.  We continue to put professional athletes on a a stage, or maybe in this case, altar, but for the mere mortals who practice the same action, it may be deemed as show casing or being a copy cat.

If young kids are influenced by what their role models do, how many young Bronco fans are "Tebowing" on the playground or in the classroom?  Has the practice of religion become such a public spectacle that the sincerity become secondary?

It's annoying enough when public figures and sports heroes are labeled because of their religion -- take into consideration Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax or Muhammad Ali.  All three were ostracized for following their religion.

But Tim Tebow's display has made him a folk hero of sorts.

It's great if you want to cheer for Tebow because of  his seemingly deep religious convictions.

But you need to cheer for those who practice their  private convictions in their church, mosque or synagogue.

Belief in G-d shouldn't  happen only on any given Sunday.

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