It's doing time, not doing a time share

It's doing time, not doing a time share

What doesn't Rod Blagojevich get?

The revelation that he wants to go the federal penitentiary in Loveland, Colorado took a certain amount of, as they say, chutzpah.

Yo, Rod -- you are doing time, not taking advantage of a timeshare.

Blago, as we all know, was sentenced to 14 years in a federal penitentiary for the shenanigans he pulled as governor.  You would think he would have gotten the message -- jail -- penitentiary -- locked up.   Along with the pronouncement of his sentence is a loss of privileges -- which I would guess making reservations.  So when it was revealed that Blago wanted to spend his 14-year term at his choice of prisons I couldn't help but wonder if this type of scenario plays out for all sentences?

Can you imagine the court room drama?  Person is convicted, slumps in his or her chair, hugs their spouse -- and then logs into Travelocity?

Prison is a punishment. Period. Not, as noted above, a privilege.

The mere fact that Blago wants his choice should provide further evidence that politicians, super stars (athletes or entertainers) still think their wealth and status elevates them above the common man.

It may when it comes to notoriety, but if, in fact, Lady Justice is blind, so too must be the punishment that goes along with the crime.

Can you imagine the scene at courtrooms around the Chicago area if every person who was sentenced to time in the slammer wanted to plea bargain with the judge as if he or she was a travel agent?

It seems like the "common criminal" demonstrates more common sense than those who think they're above the law.

The formula is simple.  Crime = punishment.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  No matter who you are.


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  • 1. Lawyer can ask judge to make a recommendation, but the placement is in the sole discretion of the Bureau of Prisons. No different in this case. The BoP has not told him where to report.

    2. Maybe more in point is what Jay Leno said last night, in that his trending for 2012 was Blago discovering that he has become Walker's and Ryan's bitch [sic]. Apparently, Ryan now needs one.

    Also, I hope that Zagel's smackdown gave his legal team the word that they should stop making frivolous motions just to get publicity, but I suppose that neither they nor the media have figured that out.

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