A new coach for the Cubs?

This is not breaking news.  The Cubs stink this year.  As a lifelong Cubs fan, I have heard a myriad of excuses.

They have included too many day games, the college of coaches, the goat, Steve Bartman, the Tribune company, the lack of a strong owner and, well -- the list goes on and on.

This year, however, there's a new one to the litany of excuses. The weather. Yes, the weather,especially the weather in April.

Cubs manager Mike Quade seems  like a decent guy, but really - the weather? This revelation comes from a guy who grew up in the suburbs, attending Prospect High School - the same school that gave us American Idol winner Lee DeWyze. OK, so far they're one for two.

So you would think that he would be used to the Chicago weather.

Apparently not.  He has cited the early spring weather as a contributing factor to the Cubs woes.  Really?

You would think Quade would at least check the weather.  But I guess managing, or dealing with, the Cubs you can get sidetracked.

So here's my solution.  A new coach.  You have a hitting coach, pitching coach, first base coach, third base coach, strength coach - so why not a weather coach?

The choice is a no brainer.  Tom Skilling.  I have been told that he scours weather maps for hours so that every detail is incorporated into the forecast.  Imagine what he could do for the Cubs.  They would know more about the jet stream,humidity and temperature in such detail that the opposition would not have a clue.

And talk about job security - who could ever fire Tom Skilling?

Skilling would, however, have one challenge:  weathering the storm at Clark and Addison.

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  • At least the Sox have one, in that Hawk often says that someone in the clubhouse is checking the radar and a storm is going to hit in two minutes, and it does.

    BTW, the weather is different in Prospect Heights. Supposedly the Sox had several spells of heavy rain tonight. Only drizzle up there.

    The kind of new coach the Cubs need is a 45 foot motor coach to get the deadwood out of town. Either MCI or Prevost would do.

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