I love reading and writing, but marketing...

For as long as I can remember I have loved books.  Maybe it was my mother's influence. She was a public school teacher for 35 years and not a summer went by that she didn't have a book in her hand.

As a kid growing up, my mom would spend every night reading to me before bed.  Are You My Mother? by Philip D. Eastman, still one of my favorites.  I moved up to Flowers in the Attic by junior high.  Incest and slow death by poisoning, bring it on!  Fabulously smutty romance novels like Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby.  I love them all!  Yet while reading these great books, I never gave it a second thought as to how these people marketed their books or how their books got into my hands and why I loved them as much as I do.

That all changed when I wrote my first book and decided to take on the daunting task of self publishing.  Without a publishing company it would be up to me to market this sucker and I needed to do it well. So I turned to the one place that hasn't failed me yet. The Internet! (Well on occasion it pisses me off, but otherwise we're cool.)  Turns out Google will crank out a shit load of information, so much so that it's impossible to process it all.  I swore at Google and gave up.

I'm a third grade teacher, marketing is not my forte.  But then it dawned on me.  I had been, for several months, following a blog that reviewed books.  I only followed it because she was funny and was always excited about everything.  It was contagious and her reviews made me smile.  I downloaded a ton of books she recommended and they were always great.  So on a whim I sent her an email asking for advice on how to market my book.  She did me one better.

Natasha of Natasha is a Book Junkie told me she would market my book for me (with my input, of course.)  I nearly fell out of my desk chair!  After that I screamed and danced in my kitchen!  So, before I get into what she has done for me, here is my shameless plug for her and her blog.  I love her!  Not only is she a marketing genius, she is a wonderful person.  Please take a minute to check out her blog and "like" her on Facebook.  Her reviews are dead on, she's funny and every once in a while she can make you blush.  Please check her out.

But back to my marketing plan. (What plan?  Beats the shit out me.  I'm clueless!)  Somehow she managed to get me to create a Facebook author page, which is where I have been releasing teasers for my upcoming debut novel.  She sets goals for number of "likes" before a teaser can be released and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, people are flocking to my page.  I have no idea why it is working and really I am not sure I want to dwell on it.

All I know is that the blog world is amazing!  What a wonderful family of people willing to help each other out.  Social media kicks ass and Natasha has no idea how valuable she is to me.

So, if you're planning to self publish a book, I encourage you to reach out to the blog world.  It will change your outlook on the precarious world of marketing.

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