A Touch of the Extraordinary

A Touch of the Extraordinary My New Year starts on my birthday. It’s around mid-January, so it’s after all the hype of “resolutions” and the beginning of the new year.  Each birthday, I have a “theme” and more recently, it’s a “theme” that’s been serving more as a north star to give some direction throughout... Read more »

The message from Robin Williams and his struggle with depression and addiction

The world is a bit sad today as the news of Robin Williams’ death traveled this morning. Even the universe seemed to sense the loss of this truly iconic legend as it was raining when I heard of his death. I imagine the ripple effect the news has on the moods of many, particularly those... Read more »

What Dr. Maya Angelou and Mahatma Gandhi teach me about stepping outside the box

I decided to take on this month’s Blogapalooz-Hour challenge. We have one hour to write about a topic and promptly publish it. While I hold the pressure to do this (this is a stressful experience at the moment), I reflect on this month’s topic. We are to write about someone or some event that had... Read more »

Slowly, Painfully, Mindfully. The stress of grieving.

It’s now been a week since I’ve had to let go of M&M. In that time, I’ve hosted two radio shows, had dinner with friends on three different nights, spent some time with my parents (who returned from a trip) and my brother (who was not on the trip), worked out, cleaned, did some research... Read more »

The Stress of Tough Decisions

Today I had to make a tough decision. It was tough because there were many variables involved. I know that some people will argue that the decision I made was “wrong” and I cannot be the one to choose when to end an animal’s life. There will be those that support my decision to end... Read more »

Change is Stressful!

This is my second consistent blog. I’m starting the new year off with a bang. While I wanted to post on a specific day, I recognize that this shift in some sort of consistency  with the action of blogging is important. Blogging this entry has been in the back of my mind for several days... Read more »

New Year, New Motto

Resolutions seem to be the staple this time of year. People wanting to change something (eating healthier, increasing physical activity, saving more, etc.) and they set out to do so. They are motivated and enthusiastic. Yet, somehow, after only a few weeks, that motivation and enthusiasm dissipates. While there are a variety of reasons this... Read more »

Summertime Sadness and Stress

I hear Summertime Sadness in the background and I notice that I’ve been feeling some sadness today. I’ve been feeling a bit down since Labor Day weekend passed. Labor Day weekend,  while standing for recognition of the American work ethic and effort, unofficially signifies the end of summer. In some respects, the end of summer... Read more »

The Experience of Stress: Part 6

Time tends to be a factor when it comes to the experience of stress. When there are many roles you may play or responsibilities that demand your time, how to manage your time to meet these pressures can be stressful. Shannan Younger, who works for a small nonprofit organization, is married and is raising a... Read more »

The Experience of Stress

Sometimes, it seems there is so much going on, that it’s challenging to know if you are effectively handling your stress. Jill Kirby resonates with this. When asked about the stressors in her life, it was clear that making sure others got some attention is a huge one. Kirby teaches classes  on business communication and... Read more »
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    Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, is an assistant professor/program coordinator at Governors State University. She provides individual therapy at the Alexian Brothers Outpatient Group Practice. Dr. Wadhwa works in a variety of roles as a consultant, creator, presenter, trainer, lecturer, and author. She is also a member of several professional organizations. She has a book on "Stress in the Modern World" coming out in 2015. Her last project was an Internet Radio Show, Moving Forward: Wellness One Step at a Time. http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2324/moving-forward-wellness-one-step-at-a-time. She is currently on a different path and is working on figuring that out. Yoga, writing, comedy, and the extraordinary are definite parts. And ashrams. Well maybe just a couple more of those.

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