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October is Awareness Month and more....

October is filled with many awareness days and celebrations. For example, it’s breast cancer awareness month, cyber-security awareness month,  there are three religious/cultural new years, and a variety of other designated days to bring awareness to various topics (e.g., world mental health day) and to celebrate national and global days (e.g., international day of the... Read more »

Population: 7 billion. Stress Fact: Infinite Worlds

When my significant other and I get into a disagreement, he will often say,   “in your world (this)…” and “in my world (this) …” That is not something I can argue with, as there is truth in these statements. When he says these statements, it reminds me of how when taking the bus to school... Read more »

A Deeper Responsibility

At a workshop I did a couple weekends ago, I talked about the concept of being rooted. It was a workshop about the first chakra (a chakra is a wheel or vortex of energy), and understanding what happens on a neuro level, a psychological level, and a body level, when this first chakra is unbalanced.... Read more »

Movie Moments Part II

It’s been about a year since I first wrote about movie moments. I’ve thought a lot about this concept in that time and as a result, have a theory about the allure of movie moments. It actually came to me during a time where lots of good things were happening and additional demands were placed... Read more »

Memorial Day Awareness

As the end of May approaches,  I think about the many holidays within the month of May ( Mother’s Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, Memorial Day),  and a host of others (such as Armed Forces Day, May Day, etc.), it seems there are themes of life and of death and  of remembrance and celebration. Yet,... Read more »

When Doves Cry, Prince, When Doves Cry

I was proctoring an exam this afternoon when I saw the news about the death of Prince. As a Gen Xer, he was (and will always be) an iconic representation of an evolving time in my life. He had a unique style and such a creative flair, it is difficult to see this not being... Read more »

It's Stress Awareness Month!

April is stress awareness month.  The concept of awareness elicits different reactions. Maybe you’re cringing at this thought of become more aware! One more thing to the list. Or maybe awareness elicits fear. No, no, that seems threatening. Well, if you recognize either of these reactions or perhaps a different experience, guess what? You are... Read more »

Where is Your Attention Today?

Yesterday was an interesting lesson.  I discovered a couple professional activities I was working on  fell through. On my way home from work, my mind was filled with thoughts about these two activities that I no longer had control over and no longer had the opportunity to come to fruition. Have you ever had moments... Read more »

Day 9: Less Stress around the Holidays? Purpose

As you get ready for the stream of gatherings today and within the next few days, there may still be things to get done. I know for me, I have a couple last-minute gifts to get, as it’s challenging to figure out what to get some individuals. However, one thing I am mindful about as... Read more »

About Change, Gratitude and Love on Thanksgiving Day

I missed the Blogapalooz-Hour from last week, which is a monthly challenge we have to write about a specific topic. This time of year has its own challenges for me with the holidays approaching, the ending of the semester (I am a faculty member and program coordinator at a university), and the daily crunch of... Read more »