When you Wish upon a Star….keep doing it! Wishing and stress relief

“How do you do it?”

I am often asked how I find the time to do all the things I do and keep finding more things to do; go to places I want to be and be the person I want to be. And what I tell them is I’ve used the tool of wishing (in many ways), which has greatly allowed me to do, go, and be these things.

A movie I watched many years ago, has now become one of my go-to movies when I want to reflect. Do you have something like that? A movie, a certain soundtrack, a book that helps you reflect, makes you think? This movie (and an Indian one at that) is the story of two people who choose to fulfill their bucket list before kicking the bucket. Now, of course, there is more details and drama within this movie; however, it has become a reminder to me of not only how short life is but how we tend to “waste” it doing “things” that may not really have much meaning to us. When these two made this decision, they went to Vegas, they swam in the ocean, and had a few other adventures. One of them had never taken a vacation. One wanted to experience the vastness of the ocean. These pieces reminded me (in a very hard way, too), that we often wish to do something and yet fear or something else takes over.

What I have come to realize, that stress, especially if we want more of the “good” kind and less of the destructive kind, requires us to step into that fear, onto that bridge to that bigger space of turning a wish into something real.  It’s that bridge from our comfort zone to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual appearance of whatever the wish is, that stops us. The bridge may be too small, too rocky, or too unstable, reminding us to slip back into our comfort zone. I think when we hold on to a wish, I mean REALLY hold on, we start getting uncomfortable in our comfort zone. And this, this makes that bridge a little more appealing to travel to the appearance of that wish.

What is a wish? Think about what you desire, hope for, want in your life. Is it travel? Being more generous? Being less judgmental? Finding ways to give back? That is what you hold on to. It’s not the “how”, it’s the what. It reminds me of a favorite message from Les Brown a motivational speaker I’ve listened to at various points in my life. The basic message was something like this “don’t worry about the how you got to be hungry for the ‘what’”.  And the what IS that wish, the want, the desire. Hold onto this.

So when you do wish upon a star, keep wishing. Don’t stop. For one, your imagination can be wild for a brief moment. Your creativity can ignite. Your brain starts to “see” the possibilities, making some different connections. Yet the moment you jump off that bridge (let go of the wish because you “have to” get back to reality, thinking it’s not going to happen, etc.), the brain can’t continue making connections. It’s like building a house without a blueprint. The wish, whatever it is, is the blueprint.  And it is present, regardless of what else you’re doing, when you hold onto it. 

That’s the what and why of the wishing tool. On Thursday, I’ll explore some ways to apply this concept and how a few others have done this.  If you want me to focus on something specific, let me know!

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