The R&R tool: Two definitions for Stress Relief

It’s the second week of National Stress Awareness Month and this week, I’ll talk about R&R. There is actually two definitions of this one AND both are equally important.

The first R&R most people are familiar with: Rest and Relaxation and it refers to just that, resting and relaxing. Most people are not aware that the body is meant to rest and relax, we are not battery-operated machines that keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Our batteries need to be recharged and resting and relaxing does that.

Yet, these are two tools that are the first to go with things are overwhelming, distressing, or schedules are packed. I know I’ve done this. If I have dinner plans on the weekend, there have been times when I won’t go because of work related items. This is one of the things I am working on this year, is to not let go of things I find relaxing, like hanging out with friends and family, spending quality time with loved ones, and just doing something without any other purpose but to have fun (which is the definition of fun).

That’s the first R&R to apply during this month: Resting and Relaxation.

The second R&R is something new I’ve used to help myself keep on track of current stressors, new stressors and the like. It’s a reflect and reassess process tool that I use during the times that are overwhelming, over-packed and distressing. Basically, it’s asking myself some questions, checking in to see how I’m experiencing my body, mind, emotions and reactions during these times and actually taking the time to observe and reflect how these connect with my values, mission and vision. I have sometimes done a R&R daily, sometimes weekly and sometimes once or twice when things are particularly stressful.

That’s what the R&R tool is about. I find that what is nice about this tool is that either R&R can be beneficial. On Thursday, I’ll explore some ways to really apply this concept and how a few others have done this.  If you want me to focus on something specific, let me know!

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