How You Hold on to the Wish for Stress Reduction

With all the changes in the world today, it’s very easy to get discouraged from keeping that specific thing you to have, happen or be in front of you. Fear, insecurity, and uncertainty are emotions that get triggered when that wish seem impossible. The “how” is-this-going-to-happen just isn’t clear. You know you want this, yet the uncertainty of it happening, seems to take up more space than the certainty of it happening.

How do you hold on to that wish? How do you keep it a solid foundation to help you move forward?  You keep your eye on the prize. It’s easy to get dissuaded from that “prize”; however, no matter what happens, when you keep your eye on that prize, you move through all the other blocks and obstacles. When there is no doubt or room for uncertainty, you make it very clear that this is what you want (which is also a reason to be very clear about what you want,) and things move in that direction. Throughout time, this is also known as providence, attraction, manifestation, and countless other terms; and the point is just this: keep the what and why and everything else comes into place.

Keeping that what (or your vision, or your reason why) is the first way. Let’s say though, that while you recognize this is a good step, you find yourself struggling with doing this. You keep the what in your mind and yet the doubts and fears and all that other “stuff” get in the way. So what is a person to do?

Keep reminders. Yep, wherever you need to. I have a vision board of images of my “wishes”, my “whats”, and I reaffirm pictures I come across whether it be on social media or in my day-to-day experience. I keep notes on my calendar. All of these serve as visual reminders, that yes, this is what I want.

Another thing that I have done (and have heard others do), is to keep grounded in the feeling of the what. For example, let’s say that what I am wishing for is a certain vacation somewhere. I believe this vacation spot will bring me some feelings of peace, joy, and contentment (and a lot of relaxation). Holding on to that feeling and not even the wish is another way to keep hold of that space for another minute.

There you have it, two ways to hold on to the wish or the what. Even as I write this, I am thinking about the wishes I have, those “big-picture, where-the-magic-happens” types things that bring this intuitive feeling with it.

I know how much the wishing tool has worked for me and I will love to hear your thoughts and how this works for you! How are you holding on? Comment below to let me know!

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