How a Cupcake Reinforced Gratitude

Yesterday was National Cupcake Day. I’ve been on a natural high since Wednesday and bear with me as I give a little background here. I’m trying to increase my Facebook presence since I’m launching a couple free classes next year (one is on stress, go figure). Increasing my comfort level with using Facebook makes it easier to use it creatively and in a fun, engaging way. Preparing myself to engage with my audience, the members of the class helps with its success.

On Wednesday I was on Facebook and came across a feed about cupcakes and if you made a comment, you had a chance to win cupcakes. I love cupcakes and decided to make a comment. And then I saw a reply to my comment that I won free cupcakes. I was a winner! And in subsequent messages to arrange to pick up my prize, that winning attitude shined. I noticed how that energy I felt, that high, affected my interactions with others, how traffic seemed lighter, the moon shone brighter (and it was a supermoon, too) and the cold air just crisp.

When I got home, I have that same feeling, as I received a present in the mail, discovered some beautifully messaged emails and discovered more money listed in a contract for a project I do next year.

All of these little things were so welcomed, cherished and not unappreciated. And it seemed the more I expressed my thanks (thanks for the cupcakes, the bright moon, the easy traffic, the additional money, etc.), the little things just kept coming on Thursday and today.

What’s interesting to me is that being in this space, feeling like a winner, experiencing these wonderful and delicious things, not only reduced my perception of stress, it smoothed the stress flow. As I write this I still experience that, well, deliciousness.

I was initially in a good mood when I wrote that comment. And I believe that being in that space, not thinking “I’m not going to get it”, or something like that, kept me in that good space, which then allowed other good things to happen. There was no negativity.  I was happy where I was and didn’t allow that to be disturbed by “winning” or “losing”. Winning, then, sustained the feeling of being in a place that allowed me to open up to the other delicious things.

This experience reinforced the idea of how when I experience chronic stress, it closes me off to possibilities. My focus stays with what’s wrong rather than the delicious details. How do you open up to those possibilities?

Gratitude, being thankful for the delicious details that add up is one way that opens me up to possibilities. When I focus on these little things, it’s hard for me not to experience a stirred up energy. What delicious details will you start appreciating?

I am grateful for you, reader, giving me a few minutes of your time to read this piece. I do want to know what you are grateful for today, so please share.

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