Change is Stressful!

This is my second consistent blog. I’m starting the new year off with a bang. While I wanted to post on a specific day, I recognize that this shift in some sort of consistency  with the action of blogging is important. Blogging this entry has been in the back of my mind for several days and while other demands pull at my time, I recognized something. Blogging is something I wanted to do more of this year. Writing a “draft blog” seemed strange to me and while it did, I realized that I do need to give some time to an initial draft before moving it to its final resting place. 

What I am seeing here is that change, regardless of what it is or how much  we want it, is stressful. Change is stressful and I’m not sure how much we are aware about it. I recall when some students and clients are experiencing a heightened level of distress and through dialoguing about it, there are a lot of changes happening for and to that person.

So in thinking about the changes you want to make for yourself in the new year (if you are the type of person that makes resolutions, goals, etc.) one thing to consider is the stress that may be experienced with these.  There are new demands and/or pressures placed on us when we are shifting a routine, a habit, a pattern.

How, then can you manage that? How can one minimize the impact of these shifts? Here are some strategies that may help:

  1. Connect back with your motto. Maybe you have a theme, song, phrase, mission statement, that provides inspiration when you most need it or encouragement or even infuses you with something positive.
  2. Support. Connecting with others can be very powerful when making changes. Being able to talk about your experience, feeling validated,  knowing you are not alone are all powerful  components of support.
  3. Connect with what the change will bring into your life. We want change for a reason, which is one incentive for setting resolutions and making changes for many people. Recognizing and embracing what the change will bring and do for you is a powerful means of maintaining motivation and managing the stress around the change.
  4. Finally, recognize that the change, however stressful, may actually help optimize your satisfaction in life and that it takes courage to do this.

Whatever change you are considering, recognizing that it may create some distress before you experience the optimal side of that change, will be helpful with that process. Change on.

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