The Experience of Stress

Meggan Sommerville’s stressors result from several roles and responsibilities she finds herself trying to balance. At work, she is a frame shop manager that not only oversees a range of framing jobs, but finds that some of these jobs can be stressful due to the value and responsibility of something priceless. Managing new employees and having paperwork completed correctly are other stressors she finds on the job.

At home, Meggan struggles with health concerns, a disability and is currently going through a divorce. She is also dealing with a legal issue and helping her children adjust to her being a transgender parent. She reports that nearly half of transgender individuals live below the poverty line and that she is not far from that cutoff.

Despite the major stressors of finances, health issues, divorce, a legal issue and family adjustments, Meggan adjusts to stressors in her life with only one primary strategy: her faith and personal relationship with God.  While faith, believing in the unseen, can vary from person to person, for Meggan, it is about trusting God. As she states, “Roman 8:28 says, ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’.” She believes that because being “human” limits what she can see, trusting a higher being “lifted me out of it (depression) with all the things swirling around me, but God has lifted me out of it every single time to richer and better things than my human eyes can see.”

Faith is knowing that things work out or will be okay. It’s different from believing this, as thoughts are only one part of an experience. Meggan discussed her stressors and thought about what helps her keep her stress in check. While it is not always the easiest thing to do and sometimes the most difficult thing to do, she is  deeply convinced of what works for her. How can faith work for you when it comes to managing, reducing, preventing or even embracing stress?

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