Stress and waiting for Spring

It’s the sixth day of spring. As I look outside my window, I see some tiny snowflakes. Tiny, yes, but they are still snowflakes. People are wearing heavy coats, gloves, hats. That tells me that the warmer weather is not here yet. It tells me that I will be dealing with colder weather and possible snow for at least another day. That’s disappointing to me. Sometimes, disappointments are stressful. They just feel heavy, bringing an added sense of pressure or demand or negativity to the moment. I’m trying to figure out how to approach this and I remembered something that happened to me.
For several weeks, I’ve wanted to delete many phone numbers from my phone, without losing some of the text conversations I’ve had with these same people. I like some of what was said in these conversations. However, I also realized that I needed to “clear the clutter” so to speak, and that meant eliminating some of these contacts from my phone. I asked some friends if this was something I can do; eliminate contacts while keeping texts messages. I didn’t get much positive feedback about this happening. In the back of my mind, there was the thought of contacting my carrier to find this out. However, last weekend, I ended up losing my phone. I woke up one morning and looked in the usual places I keep my phone and there was NO phone. So I suspended my service and went in to get a new phone. And while I was sad, it was such a relief to know here was the opportunity to start over. I was grateful. I mean, after all, I did ask for a way to not have the numbers and still have the text messages. (Even though I didn’t have them without the phone).
So here I was with a new phone, an upgraded phone at that, with no contacts, texts conversations, nothing. A new slate. A new beginning. The silver lining.
I guess the point of sharing this with you is that there’s a silver lining here. Waiting for spring weather, waiting for her to show her warm and shining face, being able to break the cabin fever and get outside, makes the experience that much more desirable. And then when it comes, I’m that much more appreciative of it. I enjoy the experience more, I live in the present moment, and I am grateful for that opportunity. Maybe that’s why spring is taking her time. She wants us to appreciate her more when she gets here. Although I sure wish she hurries.

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