What is StressMart?

I wasn't sure  how to begin this or what I wanted to talk about. It took me some time to determine that it may be good to start at the beginning.

StressMart was born about 15 years ago. When I was in graduate school, I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities at the time. I worked full-time, was a part-time graduate assistant, was in graduate school full-time and had a full social life. Life was busy and it was stressful. Because of the effects of these added demands, I started looking for ways to better manage my time, juggle my responsibilities and desires, and/or learn how to balance the facets of my life.

This inspired my journey in stress empowerment. When I was in graduate school and researching ways to "manage" stress, I ended up writing about these various strategies for the university's student newspaper. I also did an independent study course on "stress management", that ultimately developed into a workshop and subsequent creations. Almost 15 years later, I am now blogging on the same concept.

We are living in stressful times where we may not know if the demands placed on us are ones we can meet. This is what stress  is. When demands are placed on us that require us to adjust in some way, we experience this state. We may worry, feel overwhelmed, uncertain, insecure, isolated or hopeless, some extreme symptoms and consequences of stress. While some stress is needed  to help us thrive and evolve, most of us experience episodes of being "over-stressed", too many demands and.. (too little time, resources, energy, etc.).

StressMart will hopefully offer some ways to help you manage, cope, heal, reduce, prevent, and/ or embrace this experience. Different strategies, thoughts, examples, and deals relating to stress will be explored. Feel free to respectfully comment, add, suggest to these posts! This is meant to help you and I hope you find some ways to experience less of these stressful state and more of the joy and peace you may seek.

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