What Jet-lag Taught Me About Stress

I returned from Bali on Monday, and have been adjusting back to Chicagoan life. It’s colder here, much more fast paced, and on the way back from the airport, someone gave me the finger because I wasn’t driving fast enough. I was heartbroken. I’m still adjusting to the time as well. I have jet-lag, as... Read more »

5 things I learned about my Writing Stress

I recently completed a 10-day writing challenge. This was the first time I attempted something like this and it was an interesting experience. While I didn’t write every day, I did get the topics for all 10 days done. This blog was actually the 10th day. We were challenged to write about our experiences and... Read more »

The Election is Over. Now what? And how this relates to the Cubs

There is considerable tension in the air as the election demonstrated what most (not all) Americans value. As a citizen of the US, I have always believed in the rights of people, freedom, and independence. I believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I also believe that because I have... Read more »

Happy Dewali! (The Festival of Lights)

This year, the festival of lights happens to fall on this day. The festival of lights, or Dewali, is a religious holiday; however, the message of the festival much more than a religious icon. Is it about how good triumphs evil, wisdom over ignorance, love over hate.  And in today’s world, we may be able... Read more »

October is Awareness Month and more....

October is filled with many awareness days and celebrations. For example, it’s breast cancer awareness month, cyber-security awareness month,  there are three religious/cultural new years, and a variety of other designated days to bring awareness to various topics (e.g., world mental health day) and to celebrate national and global days (e.g., international day of the... Read more »

The Stress of Pursuing Your Dream

I had lunch with a friend of mine awhile back and we were catching up on each other’s life. During our discussion, she mentioned how wonderful it is to pursue her dream. As an accomplished author, my friend has three books published (one which received an International Award) ; continues to write new books; travels... Read more »

In the FOG or Through the Heart?

I recently watched a Bollywood movie telling the all too familiar story of an individual’s development  from a carefree child to a programmed adult robot. The movie explored the stress associated with not knowing yourself or living your life, and living within your skin. It reminded me of how many individuals suffer because of the... Read more »

Population: 7 billion. Stress Fact: Infinite Worlds

When my significant other and I get into a disagreement, he will often say,   “in your world (this)…” and “in my world (this) …” That is not something I can argue with, as there is truth in these statements. When he says these statements, it reminds me of how when taking the bus to school... Read more »

A Deeper Responsibility

At a workshop I did a couple weekends ago, I talked about the concept of being rooted. It was a workshop about the first chakra (a chakra is a wheel or vortex of energy), and understanding what happens on a neuro level, a psychological level, and a body level, when this first chakra is unbalanced.... Read more »

Movie Moments Part II

It’s been about a year since I first wrote about movie moments. I’ve thought a lot about this concept in that time and as a result, have a theory about the allure of movie moments. It actually came to me during a time where lots of good things were happening and additional demands were placed... Read more »