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Wine Lovers Unite at "Spring Wine Crawl" Mini Tour

Wine Lovers Unite at "Spring Wine Crawl" Mini Tour
Since my visit to wine country last year I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate the wine tour.  I figured I’d create a mini tour for starters.  This Saturday the 23rd  “Wine Crawl” will visit 3 popular wine bars/stores in Chicago on a chartered coach.  Then we’ll head to the House of Blues... Read more »

"The "Divo Series" Celebrates and Honors Successful Men in Chicago

Maven, the ‘connection company’ behind various networking events and promotion strategy will relaunch “The Divo Series” at the House of Blues Foundation Room at 329 North Dearborn, Tuesday, February 8, 6-9PM. The Divo Series is the male counterpart to the popular “Diva Series” that honors female entrepreneurs and is currently at Jbar in the James... Read more »

Guilty Pleasures: The Holiday Edition

This is the time spread cheer and and goodwill,  that includes spreading some to yourself, so I’m here to provide a few Holiday Guilty Pleasures, things you can do for yourself that won’t make you look or feel very “grinchly” (totally made up word for you amateur editors out there)…or “scroogy” (yes another one, sue... Read more »