Common Thread Binds Characters in "Sangrita Club"

Common Thread Binds Characters in "Sangrita Club"

Guest Blogger - Amanda Adams


Predators are everywhere and exist in every walk of life, every profession, every race and ethnicity, every socioeconomic level, any age and all genders. The #MeToo movement, initiated by Tarana Burke, is not about just sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s about sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and violence of any kind, anywhere.

Physical and emotional abuse puts an imprint on our brains and permanently changes how we perceive situations in our lives. This often creates a fight or flight response, resulting in becoming a fierce advocate for victims or a silent, hidden figure.
The Sangrita Club is a collection of #MeToo stories. It is different than other novels because the main characters: Vanessa, Anne, Monica and Maria, are a culturally diverse group of women who look beyond their external differences to see their inner similarities and create a sisterhood.
The Sangrita Club reveals the harsh realities of dysfunctional family relationships and impaired courtships, by providing a glimpse into daily life challenges and interpersonal struggles, utilizing comedic banter and raw truth. The four women of The Sangrita Club are compelled to examine how their present state of being is shaped by their secrets from the past.
As I penned this novel, I wove instances of sexual harassment, molestation and parental neglect from my own life’s story into the character’s lives. This effort became my mode of catharsis to face the realities of the secret burdens I had carried for many, many years. The Sangrita Club became a catalyst to speak my truth to power and end my silent suffering.
Sometimes, we have a tendency not to be able to see the state we are in because were so busy trying to cope with the symptoms of the mess we find ourselves in. Sometimes, it takes an “accident”, or an illness, or a surprise pregnancy, or a few words whispered to us from a friend to open our eyes and help us see where we are, what state we are in, and realize that's not where we could be or where we really should be.

The Sangrita Club reads like a fictional, self-help book, because I wrote it for women who find themselves in situations that they don't necessarily want to be in. Perhaps they may be in those situations because of their own choices or because of the choices that have been made for them by others. I want women to see themselves in the pages and invoke their inner audacity to stand up for themselves, speak up for themselves, develop a strong desire to pursue their dreams, and to remove themselves from situations in which they don’t want to be in; situations that are just unhealthy; situations that hinder them personally, spiritually, and professionally.

As women, we need to come together for the single purpose of creating a community to listen, encourage, uplift, celebrate one another, and share our weaknesses, mistakes, and pitfalls that we’ve encountered. I want us use the The Sangrita Club as a mirror to find ourselves, then find the strength that lies within us to overcome the circumstances that inhibit us from not only being able to achieve our dreams, but also to dream our own dreams for ourselves.

We are experiencing a watershed moment in history, with all of the hundreds of thousands of women coming forth, and telling their #MeToo stories, which cut across all races, religions, and socioeconomic classes – from soccer moms, to members of Congress, to CEOs. We were not created with a diminished capacity in comparison to men. Our brains are not smaller, our ability to reason and think is not less than that of a man. Now, if that is the case, then why have we allowed men to think of us as inferior to them? Why have we allowed men to keep us in a diminished capacity in the workplace and in our own homes for generation, after generation, after generation.

No matter what the situation is in our lives, we can escape. We must create an escape plan and find a way up, out, through, around and over the stumbling blocks in our lives and transform them into stepping stones. We must wipe off our facades and discover the illuminating value that lies within each of us and develop our own Sangrita Clubs; a safe haven in which we can open up about the truth in our lives and begin the healing process. Whether it’s sexual assault, sexual harassment, discrimination, addictions, abandonment, domestic violence, financial imprisonment, emotional abuse, rejection or neglect – the list goes on and on. There are women in our lives that have experienced at least one of these issues, and some of us, many more than one. Don’t let fear and intimidation stand in your way. Draw on the experiences and wisdom of other women. Rise-up and speak you mind! My hope is that The Sangrita Club helps you to find a way.

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Michigan and New York native Amanda Adams began her quest to become an author through journaling and writing poetry as a method of catharsis during her college years. Amanda earned degrees in Information Systems and Management Science, as well as an MBA and worked as an Information Technology Executive and Management Consultant for multiple Fortune 100 companies. She spent two decades crafting a back story for her debut, The Sangrita Club, the first in a series of stories about compelling female corporate executives. Currently, Amanda is an entrepreneur and lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and daughter where she’s active in community activities and continues to write.
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