Guest Blog - "What Are You Afraid Of?" - Motivation from Millionaire M.O.M. LaKeisha Stringfellow

Guest Blog - "What Are You Afraid Of?"  - Motivation from Millionaire M.O.M. LaKeisha Stringfellow

The latest in a series of guest blogs from contributors to the new book Millionaire M.O.M .  Todays guest blogger is motivational speaker LaKeisha Stringfellow.

What are you afraid of?

I have suffered with fear for majority of my adult years.  Anxiety attacks, depression, what was happening to me?  For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why it was happening and where it was coming from.

Fear by definition, is an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger: an instance of fear or a state marked by fear.  Concern about what may happen.  Worry, Dread, Alarm, Fright.

Hey guys, my name is LaKeisha Stringfellow, and I AM YOU(the fearful you). Well, I was you.   I am a Lover of Christ, I love food, and PEOPLE.  If you find yourself afraid and stuck, feeling as though the world is crashing down on you, I can totally relate, but I am here to help you recognize what is causing you to be afraid and how you can push pass the fear.  I started having anxiety attacks back in 2001.  They literally seem to have fallen from out of the sky, and right into my soul.  I didn’t understand them, I was scared out of my mind, and I lived everyday thinking that it would be my last.

I mostly suffered in silence.  I didn’t understand what was happening and I just didn’t want people to know.  I couldn’t even explain it.  I thought that I was losing my mind.  I had two children at the time and I as married to my first Husband.  I didn’t even know who I was back then.  I was living life without purpose, and I now realize that it was at that point in my life, it was time to begin a journey.  A certain journey of healing and elevation.  I had no clue that I was on that journey, but here I am today, whole and healed.

Now, here we go, this short blog may not help you get complete healing, but I pray that it is a catalyst, to push you to begin your journey.

Pain, Hurt, Frustration, Confusion, and so on, all are emotions that has caused fear to cripple you. Someone once told me that “Our life experiences, has caused most of our fears”. That one sentence really had me to begin to think, and I had to ask myself a question: “KEISHA, WHO TOLD YOU TO BE AFRAID ANYWAY”. I remembered a certain childhood story that most could probably relate to.  As a child and even into some of my adult life, I was terrified of thunderstorms.  I remember when it would storm, my grandmother made everyone in the house come in the living room.  We had to turn off all lights, tv’s and anything else that gave off energy and we just sat in silence, until the storm passed….AND YOU BET NO ANSWER THAT PHONE, LIGHTNING WAS GONNA COME THROUGH AND STRIKE YOU DOWN. LOL.  Fear was being planted.  Now, to my Nanas defense, I am sure that’s how she was raised and I don’t at all believe that it was intentional, but the seed of fear was planted.  Think about what some of your fears are.  No seriously stop reading and think about them.  Now, let me give you a few quick tips, that are really easy to do to help you overcome some of your fears.

  • Stop, take some deep breaths and think about why you are afraid
  • I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough
  • Who would listen to me
  • I didn’t think that I was smart enough
  • I didn’t know my worth


  • When fear begins to rise up, don’t ignore it
  • Are you afraid, or just nervous, there is a difference
  • Identify the fear in the moment
  • What’s causing you to be afraid
  • Walk through the fear
  • If you stop, you are only prolonging the process, stopping allows procrastination to become your friend
  • Stopping also prolongs the emotion and fear will then begin to cripple you
  • If you walk through it, you will find courage, somewhere in the middle, you become empowered and accomplish goals with more ease
  • Walking through fear allows you to start identifying with your strengths and gives you a boldness to accomplish whatever task you are faced with
  • As you walk through the daily challenges of life, you will have a better understanding of your ability to face every obstacle free from fear.


Here’s a bonus nugget:

-Use positive affirmations daily as a weapon against fear.  Fear will tell you that you can’t but your words have power over fear.

Remember this: -Everything you want is on the other side of fear!!!!!!!!!!


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