Book Review: "Time Signature" - Music,History, and Time Travel Make an Interesting Trio

Remember the song "Abracadabra" by The Steve Miller Band?  We'll you'll be humming it for days if you read "Time Signature" by Carlo Kennedy. But I assure you, you'll love every minute of it because the book takes you on a musical as well as historical journey.

Chris Agnello is a struggling musician and loner college student who dreads the future, lives in the past, and longs for a mentor. When his physicist sister builds a time machine that runs on music, he tries to use it to go back to the 1980's, but instead finds himself farther back in the past than he bargained for - stuck in the 1700's - on a journey of self discovery, and running for his life. To get back to his own time, he must find a way to get from Dublin to London in time to catch his ride home... but in the meantime, he might just have found his future in the past. Sci-Fi and time travel fans will love this new and unique perspective on time travel. Fans of historical fiction will love the deeply human characters, the surprising realism of their journey, and the heartwarming love story


Time Signature is the debut from Irish/Italian American author Carlo Kennedy who mixes in his love for 80s music (each chapter is named for an 80's song) and his deep knowledge of world and religious history to create and entertaining and engaging story.

Time Signature is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book and wherever books are sold.

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