"It's All About The Shoes" As Revitalized Neighborhood Brings Entrepreneurs Together for Hyde Park Fundraiser

"It's All About The Shoes" As Revitalized Neighborhood Brings Entrepreneurs Together for Hyde Park Fundraiser


The following story is one that ShoeHeals will never forget. It’s how we came to know their first shoe recipients.

Destiny and her little sister made a pact. She would write Santa a letter for new boots, and her sister would write him for new coats. That way, if Santa read one of their letters, they would get an item they truly needed. If he read both, then this would be the merriest Christmas ever! So Destiny wrote her letter on the pretty Santa stationary she received from her Grandmother, and sent her letter addressed to the jolly, pot-bellied man at the Post Office.

Little did Destiny know, Santa forwarded her letter to ShoeHeals to ask if we could fulfill her request. Destiny and her little sister became the first recipients of new shoes from ShoeHeals!

Every day, hundreds of thousands in this country do not have the ability to provide NEW shoes for themselves. And those who can afford them often make do with the same pair for years, long after they have lost their shape and style. But owning a new pair of shoes is about much more than what color or style will complete an outfit or how good they look. Owning a new pair of shoes sustains health, instills a sense of confidence and restores self-esteem and dignity to those in need.  It seems simple but true, the homeless, those less fortunate go without decent shoes.  This is the reason organizations like ShoeHeals exist.  Founded by Charisma Cannon, she’s found countless more stories like the one above, and it’s not just kids writing to Santa.  It's homeless and poverty stricken adults as well.

In support of ShoeHeals, a special wine and chocolate pairing will be the highlight of the evening in the revitalized 53rd Street business district in Hyde Park on January 30th. The event titled “Pour” will be held at Kilwins Chocolates, 5336 South Harper from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Kilwins will supply the gourmet chocolates and Love Cork Screw will provide complimentary wines.

“Pour” brings together wine tastings and social awareness, featuring wine and food pairings, and   special tastings experiences, all in support of a non-profit organization.

Love Cork Screw Wines will donate several of its varietals for the tasting. The wines launched in late 2013 and have quickly built a loyal following through its radio show, social media and blog by founder Chrishon Lampley.  Lampley will be on hand educating attendees about the right pairings for wine and chocolate.

Kilwins was among the first of a new group of stores in the area and owner Jacqueline Jackson has seen the neighborhood blossom since her arrival in the area. As a resident and business owner, I’m elated to be part of the revitalization effort.  We are the only Kilwins franchisee in the Chicagoland area so it’s critical we have success in the neighborhood and the reception from the residents in the area has been nothing but positive. We intend to be here for generations to come!”

This Thursday's fundraiser is sold out, but you can still donate shoes or money to ShoeHeals  at http://www.shoeheals.org









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