Not Your Usual Business Book- "The Entrepreneur Within You" Is a Mind Body and Soul Journey to Entrepreneurship

Not Your Usual Business Book- "The Entrepreneur Within You" Is a Mind Body and Soul Journey to Entrepreneurship

Earlier this year I was approached with a great idea.  An anthology of entrepreneurs sharing ideas and anecdotes about their careers and what led them on their respective paths.   Sort of a not so secret secrets of entrepreneurs.   Graphic designer and marketing Julie Holloway (the person who's brainchild the idea belonged to) was the perfect person to  bring the diverse group of personalities together and mold their contributions into a cohesive book.

The " Creator"

Holloway left her full time job to pursue her dream of running her own creative agency. The self-taught designer had been creating art since the age of eight and was well known around Chicago for her innovative designs and her dedication to produce quality and unique work. After working at seven different corporations during a 16-year span, she finally decided it was “time.” During the past year while working at her own company, JMH Cre8ive Solutions full-time, Holloway realized a strong need existed to help other entrepreneurs – not just creatively – through leveraging her business contacts and their knowledge to create a solid foundation for those looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The result of a lot of networking, many conversations and business interactions became the basis for, “The Entrepreneur Within You(220 Publishing).

The Contributors

Contributors to the book (dubbed by Holloway as the “TEWCrew2012”) include Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker, Rhonda E. Alexander, Nicole Knox, Quinn Riley, Merry Marwig, Anthony L. Smith, Patrice N. Perkins, Shaniqua Jones, Danielle Willis, Steve Amella, Beth Doyle, GaLonda Chatman, Tiffany Jasper, Dana Moten, Adam Jackson , Corliss Johnson and (full disclosure) yours truly.  A eclectic mix business people with real life advice and real life trials and tribulations.

Not Your Father's Business Book

The Entrepreneurs go well beyond standard business speak.  There is some" by the book" marketing experience but what stands out is every writer was given free reign by Holloway to pour their personality into their respective chapters. What results is an unedited look at every aspect of entrepreneurship, the good  (Holloway's chapter on her "a ha" moment and great inspirational writing by Bernada Nicole Baker and )   the bad (or funny, the chapter I penned on business relationships)   and , the ugly (A layoff at the top of your profession by Q. Scott Riley) , the times faith is needed  (Galonda Chatman,  Danielle Willis and Anthony Lamar Smith) and the times common business sense is required (multiple authors) , the kindness of those we barely know ( a moving chapter by Merry Marwig)  and the lack of belief those closest to us sometimes possess (Dana Moten).    As it is in the journey toward entrepreneurship, there is no set path.  Faith, understanding you unique values and possessing some base of reality are all covered in this book.

"Street Knowledge" For Entrepreneurs

If you're searching for scholarly reference "this aint the book for you".  If you want what they don't teach you in school that you REALLY need to know, then this is the book for you.  Street knowledge for the thinking entrepreneur and a complete Mind, Body and Soul Experience. That's what " The Entrepreneur Within You" can do for you.  Even if I weren't a part of this book (and I'm a small part) I would still be writing about it and recommending it.   The
"movement" that Holloway started will extend to products, seminars and much more.  The talented designer is poised for a breakout and I'm happy to be a part of her entrepreneurial revolution.  Follow the TEW crew and their 'escapades at .  Join the movement!






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