"Power Keeper" Nicole Knox Aims To Transform Lives

"Power Keeper"  Nicole Knox Aims To  Transform Lives

While reading a preview copy of  “The Entrepreneur Within You” I discovered a new impact term (a term that is easy to understand yet has the depth and meaning to convey a significant message).  The contributing author, Nicole Knox talked about and went into depth about “Power Keepers”.   “A Power Keeper is someone who does not allow undue influences to take them off of their path.  They work diligently to not be swayed by their own fears and to stifle the impact of the fear of the average people that surround them” Knox writes in her bio.  Her writing is strong and to the point (not for the timid!) and get's your attention , no polite suggestions here,  but "get up off your tail and achieve" action items like you'd find in a Fortune 500 company's business plan.  However unlike a corporation, these action items are geared to fulfill your personal, spiritual, and emotional bottom line.

Knox certainly had the corporate resume, Summa Cum Laude Graduate, managing the $75 Million Dollar audit operation of a prestigious public accounting firm. Yet it was her desire to embrace her personal purpose to leave a thumb print of love and excellence everywhere she journeys.  “I want no person to be the same after an encounter with me....I will leave something positive and additive in this world.  It’s her efforts to promote the positive the power of knowing your ‘power’ that stands out”.

The greatest understanding she’s received today, is the power of mastering the small things done consistently over time to produce the desired results.  “Begin with the end in mind, understand where you are now and you’ll be able to figure out the middle.  Just get started!!”

She maintains a genuine love and respect for people.  Knox has a firm belief that differences must be respected and that we were all created for greatness regardless of our individual paths.  She strives to live her life everyday with love in her heart and to show it in all her actions.  “There is no way we’ll get where we’re going without each other!”

The requirements of “Power Keepers” as interpreted by Knox:

Are not intimidated by the thought of taking on and staring down a challenge regardless of where or WHO it’s coming from.

ALWAYS staying focused on the true purpose of their existence….”Power Keepers” never lose sight of the fact that their real opponents are those things that come to stop them from accomplishing that desire that is in their heart.  Power Keepers understand and conquer their true enemy whose name is always “Inner Me!”

Power Keepers consistently and persistently make decisions that are true to them and their purpose…regardless of the “perceived” potential consequences.  The drive of the Power Keeper is greater than any one person, any one place or any one thing and they will be relentless about guarding and keeping their power!  They consciously understand that the undue influences of Responsibilities, Average Joes & Janes and Power Seekers will keep them making decisions more in line with their short term comfort than their long term destiny.

Reading her writings  is like having a conversation with your conscious.  That still small voice that tells you the path you should take.  Knox delivers that voice in a strong  loud and clear tone. There is no whisper of your destiny when she writes .  Catch more of this person you need to know on her blog Nicole’s Courage. And don’t miss her chapter on Power Keepers in the aforementioned book due out in October.

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