From The Grateful Dead To Harleys: The Many Lives Of Marketing Genius Steve Amella

From The Grateful Dead To Harleys: The Many Lives Of Marketing Genius Steve Amella

Steve Amella  is a sort of 21st century renaissance man.  His experiences would make mere mortals shake their heads in doubt and amazement.    And now,  he leads a life of service  dedicated to bringing out the "amazing" in people.

Steve has a B.A. in Communications and a B.S. in Marketing. After college, Amella traveled with the rock group, the Grateful Dead and learned what real sales and marketing was about. Afterwards, he helped develop a marketing company in the publishing field which grew into an industry leader. As the company expanded across the country, he redirected his interests and wanted to give back. He worked throughout the US as a nonprofit consultant in conjunction with the White House cabinet and the faith-based and community initiative by helping provide innovative funding for nonprofit organizations.

Amella was a Harley-riding firefighter for five years and realized that as a fireman, he may save one or two lives. However, he quickly discovered that helping people financially would allow him to save thousands of lives. Amella was an executive director of two nonprofit organizations that help individuals become financially healthy and add balance to their lives with regards to themselves, their families, and their contributions to society. Amella joined an industry leading  direct mail  firm and has contributed his experience in marketing and consulting to provide outstanding customer service,  build the client database, and maintain strong client retention.

Now, Amella teaches ‘everyday people’ how to drive more customers through their business doors with the help of Internet marketing and the use of technology. His goal is to help change lives in a positive way for an individual, business, or family to achieve their goals. Amella is a firm believer in resource development, which includes connecting people to the right people. He believes, “Each contact we make is for a reason and there are no coincidences in that.“ Amella is a contributor to the new book  "The Entrepreneur Within You" debuting this month.

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