mike’s On the Rocks satisfies the need for a “big boy play pen” with contests, giveaways.

mike’s On the Rocks satisfies the need for a  “big boy play pen” with contests, giveaways.

If I could design my perfect hideaway, somewhere where my friends and I go to escape life, and certain people (insert names at will). What would that include?  I know some of you are thinking Playboy Mansion but that’s not it at all (although no man would reject that vision).  The ultimate big boy “play pen”? Video games, food, drinks (of course), photographers to record the special non-embarrassing moments, unlimited pay per view boxing, MMA and pro wrestling. Yes to all of that!  In reality, we can’t always get away and never in the complete guy related opulence I just described. But never fear, the people who brought you mike’s hard lemonade and their upcoming contests certainly can get as close as I’ve seen to making the vision a reality. Recently they’ve introduced a new beverage, mike’s ON THE ROCKS™ (mOTR for short). So to celebrate, they’re giving away everything you need to launch your night right, starting with an epic pre-party in Chicago!

 For the Launch Pad Sweepstakes: mOTR wants you to pre-party at their sweet “launch pad” in Chicago. These ultimate hangouts come complete with everything you need to launch your night including: photo booth, XBOX, flat screen TVs, air hockey table, and of course mOTR to help enhance the festivities. Enter here Thursday, Friday and Saturday until April 28th: http://bit.ly/motrlp


Also, mOTR is giving away hundreds of daily prizes – including essential items guys need to create their own personal launch pad. Prizes include: a cow hide rug, surround sound system, a couch, and a 50’’ Plasma LCD TV, just to name a few. Enter here once a day: http://bit.ly/motrds


mOTR is an easy drinking, mixed-drink inspired beverage at its best in Long Island Iced Tea & Hurricane flavors. At 8% ABV (unlike most mainstream drinks), mOTR is the perfect pre-party beverage that will launch your night right every time.


Visit www.mikeshard.com for information, where you can find the product and more info on the contests.


So until you all become filthy rich and can afford to deck out your royal mansion with the laundry list of big boy toys I listed. Enter the sweepstakes for a small piece of “guy heaven” right here in Chicago.


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