The Great Chicago Wine Bar Search: 694 Wine and Spirits ..Spreading "Cheers" in River West

The Great Chicago Wine Bar Search: 694 Wine and Spirits ..Spreading "Cheers" in River West

Part of my semi-monthly look at great wine bars in the Chicago Area.  This month, I profile 694 Wine and  Spirits

“When a man says no to champagne, he says no to life…”

This is one of the many sayings that grace the menu of 694 Wine And Spirits (694 North Milwaukee), an inviting spot in the River West neighborhood.  The atmosphere reminds you of a neighborhood bar with a friendly bartender and a welcoming vibe.   But that’s where the regular bar comparison ends. The comfortable spot is filled with great boutique labels, even the fully bar stocked bar carries limited and small batch spirits as well.  The knowledgeable staff and the ability to purchase whichever a bottle of whatever brand you sample. The flavorful selections don’t end with the beverages. 694 is the only venue in the Midwest that carries Armando Batali meats (father of the popular chef Mario) out of Seattle.

While good food and drink are important, the bar doubles as a very chic hangout. Check out the upstairs room (DJ’s spin Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and is open late on the weekends. Wednesdays also feature the management grilling kobe beef burgers. In the summer there is a rooftop and outdoor deck  (no reservations needed, first come first served). So many wine bars make drinking wine a pretentious experience.

694 is refreshing in that it’s a wine bar that’s not too stuck on itself.  So come grab your favorite glass of red, white or bubbles listen to some good mixes from DJ LA*Jesus and soak up the good vibes.

Say yes to 694…

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