The Christmas Gift List You've Been Waiting For ..

The Christmas Gift List You've Been Waiting For ..

It's Christmas time (as if you couldn't tell by the decorations that have been up since Halloween)…and I have taken it upon myself to create a nice affordable list of gift items for those special people in your life. And by “special” I mean so weird, picky or just plain hard to peg that you just can’t find anything. So get off the gift card web site and get creative!. Here are five suggestions for you this Christmas.

Give the gift of Beauty (to A Vegan who you can never buy for because everything is made with something from some animal!)

Arbonne products are Vegan certified: Their formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients or animal by-products. Their line includes anit aging formulas, cosmetics, skin and body care and health and wellness products. Local rep Cynthia Xerogianes  has your hook up.


Give the Gift of Less Stress (for people who spent too much this Christmas)

Profound Touch Mobile Spa is independently owned and operated by Cheryl  Harris. Profound Touch enjoys using the arts and science of massage with regards to natural healing as well as incorporating successful health and wellness regimen with other spa services.  Profound Touch purpose is to provide quality, elite and dependable professional service that will encourage clients to have their needs met at an affordable price.



Give the Gift of Communication (for those people who can never get dating know you know “someone” or maybe it’s you..)

Authenticity The Relationship Board Game was created by Milton and Sheila Brown to provide people that are dating, engaged or newly married the opportunity to learn more about their mate in a fun, interactive yet informative format.  To achieve the full benefits of the game you and your partner must be completely Authentic. To be authentic is to truly be yourself, be proud of your past and your future. The focus is not winning or losing but learning and connecting .


Give the Gift of A Clutter Free Life (for your friends who have junk falling down around them!)

Meika’s Cleaning is a  Residential & Commercial Cleaning  Business  with over 15 years experience.   Owner Tameika Hinton and her team really do it all, from deep clean to surface clean. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and One Time jobs.  They  also specialize in organizing cabinet spaces, closets, childrens rooms, and offices


Give the Gift Of Celebration (without having to pickup behind your  messy friends)

Located in the heart River North, The Joynt  (650 North Dearborn) owned by Stan Wozniak reminds you of those cool supper clubs you’d see the Rat Pack Visit in old movies. Suave Singers, beautiful people having a great time.  The Joynt is a great place to have a holiday party or just unwind and listen to some great music.


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