The "Anti-Speed Dating" Solution, Have A Conversation For A Change! Play Authenticity The Game

The "Anti-Speed Dating" Solution, Have A Conversation For A Change! Play Authenticity The Game

Confession, I have never actually participated in a speed dating session.  In all my years of dating (let's just say  a lot of dinners and movies..), I have never met someone I knew was "the one" after ten minutes of  vapid conversation.  Sure we get that "feeling" about people but never, ever has that feeling led me to declare my undying love.  That's why it really amazes me when intelligent, nice and well meaning professionals engage in sessions of  rapid fire questions that lead to nowhere.  If I had a dollar for the number of  my speed dating friends who left for "road kill" along the relationship highway, I'd be a rich man.

I would like to suggest an alternative to the speed dating society.  Something that forces you to think, not just read from the generic conversation cue cards.   Authenticity , the relationship board game is a great idea that was years in the making.

Sheila Brown had moved from her native Detroit and had gone through the dating pains that we all encounter as singles in our 20s and 30s (some of us in our 40s and 50s too!) but she decided to do something to help singles and those dating find a route to reality and get past the  "doe eyed" state we walk around in when dating a great guy or girl the first 3 to 6 months, (you really shouldn't count any dating under 3 months, well at least I don't but that's another blog).

She began compiling a list of questions across seven categories that you should want to know about that special someone. The categories include life, finance, family, sex and romance, situations and even religion. The questions are effective in creating a new level of communication with that person with whom you believe you want to share so much with.  I'll readily admit  when I first played the game, I learned a lot about myself in the process.

That's the big "get" from  Authenticity, if you're a guy, you're used to the one word answers and occasional grunts if a good game is on.  This game makes us think , and its not a bad thing (embrace conversation guys, we actually may like what we have to say and your girlfriend will see you as "thoughtful", trust me that's a plus when you screw up in some other way)

In the process of creating the game she met her future husband Milton, together they finished the game and in short time , the couple and the game were featured locally on a number of TV stations and nationally in magazines.  The couple now hope to spread Authenticity's  message through a series of seminars to those that are single, dating and even newly married "we've had many married people approach us and tell us they learned things about their spouse after years of marriage that they never knew when playing the game"  quoted Sheila Brown.

The game is available at the web site at and you can come check out a live version of the game the Saturday night October 15th at the House of Blues Foundation Room . Titled "What She Says, What He Thinks"  Players will  include  media personality Jennifer Christenson,  marketing expert Brian Tomkins, actor/businessman Mel Roberson,  Eileen Glaser of  matchmaking firm Selective Search Inc., My fellow chicagonow  bloggers Sandria Washington (My So Called Writers Life)  and Carmen C. Rivera (En Chicago), and Sarah Vargo , founder/president of Maven LLC and Ashvin Lad Director, Invest in Illinois,  for the State Treasurer's Office .

The talented group will answer and debate questions from the game.  Moderators will be Marketing Exec Derrick Lane and  220 Communications Director or PR and Events Shari Hill   Doors Open at 6 and gametime is 6:45. Milton and Sheila Brown will be on hand to answers questions and will have copies of the game available for sale.

For more information about Saturday's event (portion of the proceeds will benefit the International House of Blues Foundation). visit:

And for all you angry speed daters, speed dating organizers and those planning to speed date.  Come out Saturday and  see how adult conversation really should take place.


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