This Coming Monday Get One More "Warm" Day With Jazz Event

This Coming Monday Get One More "Warm" Day With Jazz Event

October in Chicago is like  foreshadowing in a building mystery , the kind where something happens and you know its the start of  something worse to come. The gray and rainy days foretell of an ominous winter filled with snow, bad traffic and chairs in parking spaces.  Almost like Mother Nature charges a toll for her three months of sunshine.  Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you I want to try to make you at least forget what we all know is coming. This Monday, my friends at Columbia College and I will host a fundraiser to take your mind off the fact that 1) It’s a Monday and 2) It’s October.  “Cool Nights, Warm Jazz” is an after work reception featuring cocktails, prizes and live music courtesy of the Columbia College Jazz Band.  Advance tickets are $20, (day of event $25)

The reception is to raise awareness for the Barbershop Project at Columbia aimed at reaching out to help develop young men and encourage completion of their studies

The "Barbershop" is an initiative aimed at improving
retention rates and promoting graduation among minority men at the
college. The Barbershop provides an informal atmosphere where men come
together to meet, discuss, and gain knowledge from professional
successful men within the college and from the community. Men come
together and receive free haircuts, refreshments, and enjoy powerful
dialogue about current events. The Barbershop encourages academic,
cultural, and social interaction within the college and hopes to broaden
the college experience of young men who come from humble beginnings. It’s especially significant to me because I have been in the position of those young men, one of the first in my family to attend college and not quite ready for the rigors and responsibility that come with the privilege. That is why my company is proud to be a sponsor along with Loquacious Catering who will supply the food and Drinks on Me Catering who will help create the cocktails to add to warmth of the music.

So join me this coming Monday if:

1)      You love Jazz

2)      You hate fall because it means winter can’t be far away

3)      You hate Monday’s because, well, it’s Monday.

4)       You want to give to a worthy cause to make your Monday better.


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