Stop, Look, Listen: No Wooden Nickels Provides Total Support ToLow Income Cancer Patients

Stop, Look, Listen: No Wooden Nickels Provides Total Support ToLow Income Cancer Patients

“Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful"

Lorna Khawaja’s father always told her “don’t take any wooden nickels”.  When he lost his battle with cancer she decided she’d honor him and take that saying with her along her journey

She formed No Wooden Nickels (NWN) began 2005 in an effort to address the overwhelming lack of financial resources available to low-income cancer patients. NWN is the only organization of its kind devoted exclusively to providing indirect expense assistance to low-income cancer patients.
No Wooden Nickels' on-going mission is to build strong relationships with local businesses, corporations, and partner with community groups throughout Illinois and ultimately the country. Working with these various groups allows No Wooden Nickels to extend its reach and continue the important work of providing help to families with expense assistance, education, support and referral resources. This focus ultimately will not only build and strengthen relationships in these communities but also play a significant role in long term patient survival.

Some of the programs No Wooden Nickels has created include:

MedStart-5 the organization’s core program was created to offer support to deserving cancer patients currently in active treatment who are in need of assistance with indirect or out-of-pocket expenses to continue treatment and aid in basic daily needs including transportation to and from medical facilities, doctors co payments, meals during treatment, special clothing, special medical equipment, lab testing and much more.

Share & Adopt-A-Family: A comprehensive program designed to give donors the option of providing assistance to families by choosing from a pre-selected list. The donor and recipient can also keep in touch by web log on the NWN website. This allows the donor to learn first hand the results of their donation and also gives the recipient a way to show their gratitude in real time.
Scholarships: Through the Felton A. Childress, Sr. and Rhoda A. Wilson scholarship funds, assistance can be provided to students of cancer families to help defray the costs associated with beginning or continuing their education. Both funds are open to students of families or individuals who have applied to and approved in the MedStart-5 program.

No Wooden Nickels is currently a 100% volunteer-driven and donor-supported organization. Amazingly, this small team supports every county in the state of Illinois.  To find out more visit their web site at

We think Lorna is doing her father proud every day….

No Wooden Nickels Fundraiser This Sunday "Pour"

This Sunday July 31st.we raise funds for No Wooden Nickels with a very special wine and food tasting at the Silver Room 1442 North Milwaukee. Join us for “Pour” from 4PM – 6:30PM for more information visit



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