Stop, Look, Listen- Not Your Father's Networking Event - League of Professional Networkers Aims High With Launch

From the lessons I've learned in organizing promotional events there were two events on my "do not touch" list, singles and networking. I thought each one was a forced activity that should happen naturally without me having to place it on a marquee.  Well , I'm proud to say I've removed networking from my nightmare event list.  The reason is the three other organizations I'm partnering with this coming Thursday night at Grossinger City Autoplex.  The League of Professional Networkers is what we call ourselves.   From day one the group has been determined to move networking beyond the business card and courtesy follow up email.  Innovative thinking and a need to do things outside the box is what kept me a part of this organization.

 The League of Professional Networkers, is an organization whose mission is
to emphasize the importance of networking in today's business world. 220
Communications, Business Spotlight Networking (BSN), LaShay Strategic
Marketing Solutions and Top Notch Marketing & PR, LLC each are
companies that have a diverse outreach and networks of individuals from
various professional and ethnic backgrounds. Bringing these groups
together, they hope to launch one of  the largest networking groups in

On June 9, 2011, the League will debut its first networking event at
the Grossinger City Autoplex located at 1500 N. Dayton in Chicago. The
event will offer businesses a chance to pitch to the entire audience, in
addition to giving away door prizes, hosting an open bar and
complimentary appetizers, free valet parking and featuring a jazz band
for guest entertainment. There is also ample opportunity for businesses
to sponsor the event or feature their product or service by purchasing a
vendor table.

Business professionals from all fields are encouraged to attend
this event. Each of the principals has sales or marketing experience.
Networking is virtually an extension of this skill set, and thus, a
natural pairing for launching an event of this magnitude.

"There is always a way one company can help another. It's just about
making the introductions and asking the question to find out how," says
Dwayne Hirsch of BSN. "Most likely than not, there is a way both
businesses can benefit from their interaction."

Each company brings a strength and this simple joining of forces
demonstrates the importance of small businesses coming together to
support one another in their growth.

About Business Spotlight Networking

Dwayne Hirsch is the founder of Business Spotlight Networking.
Hirsch is the Network King of Chicago. His unique weekly event, Business
Spotlight Networking (BSN) has been featured in the Chicago Tribune,
and the Chicago Defender. BSN takes place every Tuesday night at Red
Kiva, 1108 W. Randolph, in the West Loop from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

About OLaShay Strategic Marketing Solutions

OnJaLee LaShay is the president and founder of OLashay Strategic
Marketing Solutions. Her mission is to evolve the business of marketing
in this new age of technology and change. she has a rich background
in event planning and marketing for small business and
entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Since 1997, LaShay has cultivated
her craft through countless events ranging from concerts, launch
parties, networking events, political functions and entrepreneurial
marketing and consulting for small businesses. Nicknamed "The
Connector," she has a vast array of relationships and resources to
make the almost impossible happen.

About Top Notch Marketing & PR, LLC

Jasamyn Roberts is the president of Top Notch Marketing & PR,
LLC, a firm that specializes in marketing, public relations and event
planning. With previous experience as Director of Marketing and Member
Services at the American Bar Association, she has experience in program
marketing, event marketing, publication marketing and member services.
Roberts also worked with international and North American communications
and public relations at Marriott International, Inc. She holds a
Bachelor of Science and Business Administration in marketing from
Roosevelt University.

Tickets are available for the launch at
For More Information or
questions, you can call 312-772-4145 or email

For the record as of today,singles events are still on my do not touch list!



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