Author Scores with new book "If I'm Looking For A Prince, Why Am I Still Kissing Frogs?"

I believe every woman has a "frog" story, you know the ones, that guy that you meet in a bar , on the street or wherever that seems like he emerged from your worst nightmare?  Frogs are everywhere (look no further than the friend you see with some guy and you wonder "why"?) .  Even us guys run into frogs (we just don't tell you about them).  That's why when I first was presented with the book by Cleveland author Ilinda M. Reese I thought..."interesting and marketable title, but does it have any "meat" or is it just "frog legs" (i.e. appetizer that just scratches the relationship book surface).

But after reading this book, I was pleasantly surprised,  "If I'm Looking For A Prince, Why Am I Still Kissing Frogs?" (220 Publishing)  is a revealing piece of work is candidly filled with common everyday situations involving relationships and pitfalls associated with finding the right mate.  She,creates an atmosphere of empowerment while navigating through the hazards of the mating game and telling it like it is.  The book unleashes the hardcore truth behind the sex traps, loneliness and suffering.  From innocence to ignorance it supplies the how-to's of successful selection and proper maintenance of complete meaningful, relationships and lasting commitment.   "It's the type of intimate conversation between just us girls, that gives you pause yet keeps you glued to the pages"said the author.

Ms. Reese is no "fly by night" new to the game "expert".  For over seventeen years, she has been teaching, training and entertaining audiences all over the world on the subject of Transition. Her unique background as a Personal Development trainer, as well as her diverse work in the chronic restructuring climate of corporate America, has distinguished her as a Human Resource specialist in many areas: Stress Management, Personal Response to Change, Conflict Resolution, Balancing Work and Family, Corporate Team Building, Positive Assertiveness and Career Re-Structuring, to name a few. She hosts a local television show in her hometown and has appeared across the country as a speaker.

The author makes no grand claims that you'll read this and find your mate.  After all, there have been a million relationship books written and there are still millions trying to find "that one". While this book isn't the magic bullet, its definitely an intelligent guide that helps you think about the choices you make. 

The book will be available wherever books are sold later this month

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