Home Ownership Takes a Scary Turn As Author Debuts With Supernatural Horror Story "My First House"

As if owning a home weren't scary enough, when I read the synopsis for "My First House" and then took a look at the pretty intense cover photo on the book, my first thought was to ask author Itua..what kind of bad dreams made him want to write the story? Bad experience with a mortgage broker? Bank didn't provide all the right documentation at the right time! (then I thought, I can't make this about me!!) So I checked out  "My First House", a mix of supernatural, horror and suspense.  The author comes from a talented camp of actors and writers. The book is his self published debut.

The story revolves around Crystal and Damien, who got a "killer deal" on a huge house (I guess they thought it was the economy). However, they had no idea that they would be sharing the residence with the prior owners, Chris and Amber, who were murdered at that exact address approximately one year ago. Chris' and Amber's spirits seem to not want to relinquish ownership of the house.  Combined with some less than welcoming neighbors.

It's an edge of your seat, keep you jumping thrill ride. Get your copy today at www.myfirsthousethebook.com  


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