Great Wine Bars In Chicago: Vintage 338

Great Wine Bars In Chicago: Vintage 338

This is the first in a series of periodic blogs about great wine bars in the city.

Vintage 338 can best be described as cozy, nestled between Park West and Gejas the wine bar could easily be missed, but that would be a big mistake..this is a wonderful spot for a relaxing glass of wine or a great start to that date you really want to impress.

The vision was to bring a contemporary Urban European Wine Bar to Chicago. It is a simple venue where unique fine wines and European style small bites and sandwiches help quench and feed people while they enjoy a comfortable setting.

The wines to be featured are all predominately from Spain, France and Italy. All wines are to be served by the glass and bottle.

The owners of Vintage 338 have 30+ years in restaurant and wine sales. And it shows in the quality of the food and wine

A direct quote from the web site "Because of the experience behind Vintage 338 we feel that by providing a more streamlined wine and food menu we are supplying the patrons with a more authentic feel of the small wine bar/restaurants of Southern Europe."

So escape to Southern Europe in your own backyard with a trip to Lincoln Park.
Vintage 338 (773) 525-0521, 338 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614,,

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