"The "Divo Series" Celebrates and Honors Successful Men in Chicago

Maven, the 'connection company' behind various networking events and promotion strategy will relaunch "The Divo Series" at the House of Blues Foundation Room at 329 North Dearborn, Tuesday, February 8, 6-9PM. The Divo Series is the male counterpart to the popular "Diva Series" that honors female entrepreneurs and is currently at Jbar in the James Hotel. The event will honor men in Sports, Media, Business, Music, Art and much more.

"After I started the Diva Series, all the men asked, what about us? "says Maven Founder and President Sarah Vargo. "Luckily for me, Divo means 'male superstar' in Italian. I knew then I had to start the Divo Series - the men need recognition too. The Divo Series was born."

The Divo Series successfully launched in March 2009 at Bull & Bear and since then Maven has hosted the event at District and Gerber Group's "The Whiskey" on Rush. "I am so excited to relaunch the series at the eclectic and cozy House of Blues Foundation room. It's a special treat for me to take my guests to this exclusive venue and label it the Divo home...or should I say throne?" remarks Vargo.

Event sponsors include Nicholas Joseph Custom Suits and Goorin Bros. Hats. There will be drink and food specials available during the event.

The event is a casual and fun networking opportunity. While there is no formal ceremony, Vargo greets the guests with a short thank you speech and the Divos have a chance to promote any projects they are working on. Vargo explains that most of the recognition actually happens over social media channels and traditional media before and after the event.

Divo honorees include:

Anderson Bell - CEO and Founder of FanFueled Tickets
Steve Starr - Owner of Steve Starr Studios
Philip Jones - CEO/Co-Founder of Serious-Gourmet.com

Brian Burt - Founder/CEO - WebRev Marketing, President - Rock Star Auto Glass. Senior VP - The Burt Collection

Jeff Pieta - CEO of AIS, Inc. and Chicago Magazine Single 2009

Tyler Curtis - Creative Partner at Darkroom Demons

Lenox Magee - Editor-in-Chief of 360 Magazine, Blogger of "Lenox and the Second City" on ChicagoNow.com (owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group),
RedEye Freelance Writer
Ryan Beshel - Director of Runway at Agency Galatea and Blogger for "The Bowtie Memoirs"

Benjamin Cottrell - Design Principal/Owner of Benjamin Cottrell Designs

Scott Newman - Owner/Broker at Newman Realty

Corey Sanford - Owner at Music Masters Entertainment

Rex Archambault - President of Windy City Marketing, Inc, Motiv8 and 3oclockclub.com

Mark Biery - Founder and Director at LTS Chicago (Live to Support Chicago)

Drew Dallas Deardorff - District Manager at Goorin Bros.

Nick Hansen - Owner of Nicholas Joseph Custom Suits

Jason Laws - Founder of Mister Laws - Creative Director, Commercial Choreographer and Movement Coach

Roderic Montrece - Publisher & Editor-in-Chief at Zeus

Travis Maciel - Director of Foundation Room at House of Blues

Tariq Khwaja -Managing Partner at American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Manager/Lead Guitar Player for the Chicago Rock Group: MUNROE and Owner - 5 Star Performances

The Divo Series is monthly and has a new home at the House of Blues Foundation Room. To RSVP for the guest list please email sarah@maven-chicago.com.

Vargo hopes someday to put the Diva and Divo Series on a national and even global map. "I feel that everyone needs encouragement and recognition. I love how excited people get about this. It keeps people motivated, driven and is an inspiration to the next generation of Diva and Divos. I will toast the Divas with some bubbly and drink scotch with the Divos and throw them the best party to celebrate their success," she says with a smile.

Maven is a "connection" agency. Our strength lies in who we know, and how we connect our clients with the right people to achieve their objectives. Maven - ma·ven [mey-vuh n] noun, an expert or connoisseur. A person who has special knowledge or dazzling experience.

From Yiddish meyvn, from Heb. mebhin, lit. 'one who understands."We are mavens in the areas of Publicity, Promotions and Perception. For more information please contact Sarah Vargo at 224-622-1759 or sarah@maven-chicago.com

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