Guilty Pleasures: The Holiday Edition

This is the time spread cheer and and goodwill,  that includes spreading some to yourself, so I'm here to provide a few Holiday Guilty Pleasures, things you can do for yourself that won't make you look or feel very "grinchly" (totally made up word for you amateur editors out there)...or "scroogy" (yes another one, sue me! It's the holiday I get at least three made up word gifts for myself in December).  The choices range small, intimate and enjoyable, to things you can do with a group of friends it inclues food, drinks, sports (my favorite things) and even shopping (not a favorite but hey, useful information )  that give you a little peace of mind and provide a brief escape for the hustle of the season.
So here goes, Glenn's Guilty Pleasures for the holiday season


Bacon Wrapped Dates at Mercat  a la Planxa

Datiles Con Almendras, on any day the taste of this dish brings pleasure (forget the guilt of eating pork!) the tapas at this South Loop restaurant inside the Blackstone Hotel will make you crave more...the dates are only the beginning.  When you visit make sure you have a few hours to enjoy a glass of wine and savor a few of the items on the menu.


Suishi At Orchid: Bloomingdale

You wouldn't expect some of the best sushi in Chicagoland to be in a suburban mall nestled between JC Penny and Burlington Coat Factory.  But that's what you'll find at this 7,000 square feet palace of  Pan Asian feasts . Orchid offers a touch of cuisine from  Korea, Thailand, and China.  Worth any and every trip to the burbs, be sure to try the Orchid Maki.

Watching Football At Joes

We pause to remind readers that the writer is a guy, and no guy guilty pleasure list can be complete without listing a favorite sports bar. Actually anything at Joes, (including the ugly holiday sweater party, and quarter beer night) will suffice as a reason to visit  the mammoth venue on the near north side.  200 TVs but the "you had me at hello" moment was when I found out that Joe's is an  official Pittsburgh Steeler Bar (my favorite team!)..I'm getting excited already....


Drinks at the House of Blues Foundation Room

Complete with creative Enclaves, and  outstanding service The foundation room lounge is like plopping your couch down in the middle of a museum and ordering your favorite libation. Underrated but definitely above average. Cozy comfortable and exclusive...I'm guilty...I  like it a lot.  (Extra points if you score the Buddha Room)

Shopping Guilty Pleasure: SWAGG

And you thought I was gonna say walking down Michigan Avenue in sub zero weather dodging the panhandlers?  I'm originally from the South and cold weather, even after all these years, is not sexy to me.  So along comes SWAGG , which combines the best of  mobile commerce, a touch of social networking ,gift card management and a personal touch . Buy send or receive gifts on your phone and redeem them at select merchants, no card needed.  You can even attach a video message with your gift.  Traditionalists will scoff at the lack of physical gift giving but when they keep getting left off your Christmas list for "technological illiteracy" they'll get the message and download the app....



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