"Tweet Me Right"- The Top Five People I Follow On Twitter

I'll admit it, and you probably already know this, but 99% of tweets are garbage! No one really cares if Joe from Newark is sleepy,if Julie from Idaho missed the Real Housewives of (add city here),or if some movie star (or c list star for that matter) tweets his stupid random thoughts  But that precious one percent can yield funny quotes, wisdom and useful information.  So for your reading pleasure, here are the five tweets you can't live without. If you have to be a follower(arent we all on Twitter?) you should follow these people.

Daymond John (@TheSharkDaymond)

Daymond John is one of the founding members of influential clothing brand FUBU. Also well know for his stint on ABC's Shark Tank. The author of two books combines street knowledge with real business acumen. Besides it's always good to know what a multimillionaire, fashion innovator is thinking of next.

The Local Tourist (@thelocaltourist)

Yes, The Local Tourist (AKA Theresa Carter) is my partner in crime on the Charity Chat Online weekly Pod cast. But friendship aside the woman is everywhere!! I swear she has a red phone that rings every time there is a hot event in Chicago. Never without the power of the Tweet, she must average at least 50 a day.

Roland S. Martin  (@rolandsmartin)

You would think CNN/TV One  Political correspondent would only tweet about news. This man will tweet about his favorite Texas based team (his home state) the parties he attends (makes me  a little jealous) and about his favorite music.  Nothing is off limits but everything is witty and refreshing. Approved whether you are Republican or Democrat.

Gary Vaynerchuk  (@garyvee)

Wine expert, author ("Crush It" is a great read!) and unabashed Jets fan, Vaynerchuk waxes about everything but keeps it all fresh, and if you send him a tweet and he'll tweet you back, refreshing  in a world created so people could literally talk only about themselves 24/7.

Reverend Run    (@Revrunwisdom)

Hip Hop Legend turned minister who spits out rapid-fire inspirational tweets as quickly as he did memorable hip-hop lyrics. Always relevant and always short and to the point (something everyone tweeting should learn) he is the source of most of my retweets. With his  common sense wisdom and inspiration.  Recent tweet: "Be a class act learn 2 b hungry without lookin thirsty".

That's my list who's on yours?
I know there are millions of options out there so tweet me with some of your favorites. I just might follow them too... @glenn220

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