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Little things, continued. Winter cold edition.

It’s inevitable but thankfully there is ~ 1/ Sudafed Non-Drowsy Non-Drying Sinus2/ Orange juice3/ Tissues. G0d bless me. Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

Today, I am a woman of a certain age

And, I’m reminded of my birthday five years ago and am writing a letter to my younger self. Dear Self on 10/3/05, Chill out. You will be grateful you didn’t marry that guy. You will meet The One. You will not be at that job forever. Your true friends will always be your friends. The... Read more »

About my brother

1/ When I was 3 years old and he was 9, I hit my head on the coffee table and had to get stitches. He told our Grandma Fernicola that he wished it were him.2/ He is an amazing cook.3/ He likes the name Jennifer.  He actually named me.  And – in the way real... Read more »

An open letter to Lindsay Lohan: Something to consider while you're in the clink

Dear Lindsay Lohan: I don’t know you personally.  I don’t know a thing about addiction.  I don’t know what it’s like to be famous or live in Hollywood. But, here is what I do know, based purely on observation.And, considering that you seem to be racking up the legal fees, you might want to take some free... Read more »

I just put grapes in the freezer

And, I wasn’t trying to make frozen grapes to snack on later. And, I forgot my cell phone charger today. And, yesterday, I tried to use my MTA card instead of my CTA card.  There’s money on this card. I just added money the other day! WTF! Oh, this is my MTA card. And, this... Read more »

I will now pick Ines Sainz' next outfit

What are your thoughts on the Ines Sainz’ story? At Stop and Blog the Roses, we (meaning me) are of the opinion that in an ideal world, Sainz should be able to wear whatever she pleases and never hear a word or cat call about it. But, this is not an ideal world.  In the... Read more »

Are you a secret gum snapper?

When I snap my gum, H says I remind him of an old secretary with a beehive named Roz.  But, I can’t help myself. It’s just so enjoyable.  All gum snappers know the satisfaction of a pop.  You want to do it again and again.  It’s meditative.  And, we’re not hurting anyone.  We chew sugar... Read more »

100 days of roses

Day 100 ~ A review in haiku (sort of) I’ve been hungover in churchand practically suffocated on the bus We met Mike Ditkaand saw the Stanley Cup Two of my best friends got marriedAnd my other best friend came to visit I’ve overheard some funny stuffand some stuff that made me livid H had a... Read more »

Woman with no short term memory

Did you see this woman on the Today show yesterday? Michelle Philpots suffers from anterograde amnesia – the result of two separate head injuries – which means her short term memory is practically non-existent.  By the end of the interview, she couldn’t remember Matt Lauer’s name. Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ For my memory. ... Read more »

Little things...

Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That my in-laws arrived safely today.  (And, I’m finally getting used to saying ‘in-laws’ and ‘husband.’) 2/ That H has already taken them to Oak Street Beach, the Sears Tower and Navy Pier. 3/ And, now we’re going for PIZZA. Follow me and my yearlong project, Stop and Blog... Read more »