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Tornado story: Woman trapped in storm shelter for three days

An Oklahoma woman heard tornado sirens last Saturday morning and immediately ran into her storm shelter. It was still morning and Debbie Hite was still sleepy so she forgot her cell phone.  She also had no food, water or blankets because, as it turns out, she had been in the process of cleaning out the... Read more »

What if you were told you won the lottery and then ...

You were told it was a mistake. That’s exactly what happened to about 300 Danish ticket-holders last week. First, each received an email that said he/she won the equivalent of $50billion USD.  Yes, $50billion.  That should have failed the first sniff test. But, as one mistaken winner said “I got butterflies in my stomach and started to... Read more »

Valentine's Day: Love Gone Loco

Ahh, love.  ‘Tis the season! But … love, or the loss thereof, can make a person do crazy things … Man trashes apartment, thought it was his ex-girlfriend’s place She actually lives next door.  So, he went through the wrong person’s drawers, took the wrong person’s medication and tried to take the wrong person’s flat... Read more »

Woman makes perfume out of her own urine

1926 US advertisement for perfume “The Breath of Love” She says she’s “really into recycling.”   Uh.  Yup. Oh and her name is Cherry Tree, by the way. I love this world. I have to be honest though, after reading the whole article, she actually seems like a cool girl.  I wouldn’t accept a gift of... Read more »

Little things: Thank G0d for these dirty little stories that ...

made me laugh hysterically this week. 1/ Pippa Middleton’s butt has it’s very own Twitter account @PippasAss2/ Bin Laden’s porn collection3/ Man breaks into home, caught eating raw chicken in the nude  G0d Bless Human Beings…

Sometimes it pays to let a line cutter cut

Sometimes it pays to let a line cutter cut
Literally.  Recent lottery winner Mike Barth let the cutter cut and the cutter got zilch and Barth got the winning $319M Mega Millions winning ticket. Love ~1/ stories like this2/ my own technique for dealing with line cutters ~ I say “Oh! Was it your turn? I’m sorry. Go ahead” which is always followed by... Read more »

Woman loses fingertip in fight at Walmart

Seriously. A Walmart employee suspected her co-worker of sleeping with her husband and the next thing you know, she’s charged with “aggressive battery with great bodily harm causing permanent disfigurement” and the other is missing the tip of her right ring finger. Here’s to ~1/ having all ten fingers and2/ never being in a fight... Read more »

10 Stories of Love Gone ... Crazypants

10 Stories of Love Gone ... Crazypants
No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day and no matter how in love or in hate you are at the moment, take heart ~ you could never be as crazy as these people (let’s hope) … Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That H doesn’t own a cream puff factory 2/ or have access to large amounts of... Read more »

Do your best ideas come in the shower?

Now, you can record it all on a waterproof notepad and pencil.  Yes, right there in the shower.  No need to jump out.  Just write it down and get back to scrubbing.  It’s called AquaNotes. And, all I can say is WHY did I not think of that?!   Today, I am grateful for  ~1/... Read more »

What would your food tattoo be?

Marc Carroll at Yes, people do this. Seriously, check it out here. Mine would be pasta.  Hands down.  Angel hair with gravy (marinara sauce) and lots of grated cheese. Today, I am grateful ~1/ For all of the other food lovers in the world like me.  My vision of hell is being surrounded by... Read more »