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What I learned from my own Running of the Brides experience

I went in 2009 and … 1/ Go with a team of girls.  I was by myself as my own team (mom, aunts, cousins, friends) are pretty much all in NY/NJ.2/ Make sure your team consists of morning people. I got there at 7AM and it wasn’t early enough. My place in line was all... Read more »

How my ex-boyfriends paid for my wedding dress alterations

  We had new furniture delivered yesterday, which means I’ll be selling the old stuff on Craigslist, which reminds me of the months before my wedding when I discovered all that ex-boyfriend jewelry and sold it on Craigslist. And, I specifically called it that in the Craigslist ads. Ex-boyfriend jewelry! Tiffany Bracelet! Come and get... Read more »