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Valentine's Day: Three Kinds of Sad

If you don’t care for Valentine’s Day or don’t care to have a Valentine or don’t have a Valentine and don’t care, good for you! I’ve enjoyed several Galentine’s Days – Valentine’s Day with your gal friends – and they were what they should be: Fun! But I’m not going to lie – there were... Read more »

Sex & The Single Girl: Three kinds of depression on Valentine's Day

1. Love unrequited – Why does he not see that we should be together? 2. Love nowhere in sight – Where the hell is HE already? 3. Love unrequited in the other direction – Ugh! This guy cannot take a hint! If you find yourself experiencing 1 + 2 or 1+ 3 or 2+3 or... Read more »

Valentine's Day: Love Gone Loco

Ahh, love.  ‘Tis the season! But … love, or the loss thereof, can make a person do crazy things … Man trashes apartment, thought it was his ex-girlfriend’s place She actually lives next door.  So, he went through the wrong person’s drawers, took the wrong person’s medication and tried to take the wrong person’s flat... Read more »