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Today is Veteran's Day

And I am grateful ~ 1/ To the men and women who bravely served 2/ and continue to serve our country 3/ and especially to those who’ve lost their lives. Today, I pray for them and their families. Photo: Burial of the unknown soldier, 1921.On the United States Department of Veteran Affairs’ website, you can... Read more »

What does Columbus Day mean to you?

Today, I’m reminded of Angela Maria, my great great grandmother.  And, putting aside for a moment the controversy over who may actually have discovered America, I think of Columbus Day as another day to give thanks ~ 1/ To all of the people who came to this country and built it from the ground up2/... Read more »

What's your American History?

Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ For, as my friend CW tells her British boyfriend, my “freedom from tyranny.” 2/ That in the last century, the woman to the left here – my great great grandmother – let her three sons and daughter move to America from Italy.  Thank you, Angela Maria! 3/ That I’ve... Read more »